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Moving home in London

Here are the key factors to consider when organising a home move in London

Moving home in London

Finding a London removal company is easy with reallymoving.com. We work with trusted, reputable and rated London removal companies who can undertake your move without the need to pay expensive removal costs.

You can get a quote for five London removal companies here.

Moving in London

We all know that the capital is one of the most bustling places in the United Kingdom, so London home movers could find that they encounter more pitfalls on moving day than those moving in quieter areas of the country. If you are moving home in London, here are a few things to remember to help get you through the busy world of London removals.

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London traffic is said to be the busiest in the country, with the slowest average miles-per-hour than any other UK city. Choosing a London moving company will help you find people who are well experienced in navigating through the traffic jams and have local knowledge of how to possibly avoid the queues and get to your destination on time.


If you don’t have a driveway at one or both ends of your journey, it is a good idea to visit your new area of residence to scout out good places to park in your region of London at the time of day you anticipate that you will be arriving. The last thing you’ll want is to turn up with a lorry full of your possessions only to be unable to find anywhere to unload them.

To avoid possible parking fines, check whether you will need to acquire a parking permit for the removals vehicle. This will vary from London borough to borough, but your removals company may need you to sort this out for them. Make sure you ask them about this and also visit your borough council’s website for more information.

Red Routes

Red Routes have been introduced to ease congestion and avoid London’s road users stopping unnecessarily on the busiest streets. If your move involves parking at any point on a ‘Red Route,’ you may need to apply for special dispensation to avoid a penalty charge.

Congestion Charge

Don’t get caught out by this. With so many things up in the air on moving day, this is something that could easily slip your mind. You can pay this up to 90 days in advance and by sorting it out early, it will be one less thing to think about on the day and you can get on with your move.  We have more advice on the London Congestion Charge here.

London Low Emissions Zone

Vehicles with larger engines are required to conform to the low emissions regulations set out to reduce harmful pollutants in the capital. When you choose a London removal company, check that their vehicles comply with these regulations. You can find out more about this from the Transport for London website.

London removals companies

We have some great London based removals companies, and helpful information about removals when moving home in London.

For several years, we have collected feedback and reviews on our removals firms.  Below are some of the comments our long standing London removals partners have recently received:

Despite the complicated move Helen (London Moving UK) was excellent at getting everything in order and the delivery men were professional and helpful. The service was hassle free and really helped all three of us settle into our new homes.

"Kris' team arrived at 7 on the morning of our move as arranged, and were extremely efficient in loading up the van. We were moving from London to Edinburgh so left the team to finish loading the van while we went for the train, and they closed up the flat after them. The arrived in Edinburgh and unloaded the van without delay, despite just having driven for 7+ hours. They completed the unloading within an hour." (London House Removals)

Good service, they offered good advice on dates, volumes and storage. Removers were dressed in company shirts, they explained what they were going to do, checked what was to be moved, wrapped the large items to protect them.” (Adams Removals)

"From start to finish I felt the whole process was stress free. They couldn't do more to help and were super flexible with all the details. I moved from Southend to Glasgow and what was great was there was no price hike for the weekend. The brothers were careful with my belongings and even picked up on historical damage because they were paying such close attention. They moved everything into my flat in 2 hours! It's a large 3 bed flat - I was impressed. Super polite and professional the whole time. I would definitely recommend!" (Mr Reliable Removals & Storage)

MultimoversVery good value. Quality service - arrived on time, finished work on schedule. Would not hesitate using them again!

I was very impressed with Simply Removals. They turned up on time, and moved my things quickly and efficiently, from a second floor flat to a 3rd floor flat (no lift!), with no damage to anything. I would definitely consider using them again when I move and would recommend them to anyone. They were also friendly, which helped take the stress out of moving!

You can get a quote from these removal firms here.

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