Moving to Toronto

Toronto is a popular city for expats moving overseas to Canada. If you've selected Toronto to be the destination for your move abroad, check out our guide for the important facts of living in Toronto.

Moving to Toronto

The commercial capital of Canada, Toronto is one of the most popular destinations for newcomers.

The infrastructure, transit links, economy, strong labour market and overall sophistication makes this city a great choice for British ex-pats looking to settle in Canada.

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, and the fourth most in all of North America. Amidst the skyscrapers and condos, you’ll find a diverse and inviting city you can be proud to call home. 

Moving to Toronto

Toronto is a multicultural city, with an estimated 51% of current residents being born outside of Canada. Tourists flock to the city each year, and therefore this sector is a large contributor to the local economy. There is a strong finance sector, and Toronto is also the media capital of Canada, with most major television providers, newspapers and magazines headquartered here.
There are many sub-neighbourhoods in Toronto, including the Annex, Cabbagetown, The Beach (or The Beaches), Yorkville, and Fort York. Do some research before planning your move to familiarise yourself with what each area has to offer.
There is excellent healthcare and public transport, along with a varied landscape that ranges from old historic houses to new condos, beaches, ravines, and more.
When moving to Toronto, your goods can be shipped to the Port of Toronto, one of the largest inland ports in Canada, or sent by airfreight to Pearson International Airport.  To ensure your items are shipped securely and arrive safely at your new Toronto home, we can find you a professional, experienced international removal company.


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Local language

English is predominantly spoken, although as it is an incredibly multicultural city, there are over 140 languages spoken in Toronto. There are services and television channels in a variety of different languages to cater to the millions of immigrants that now call Toronto home. 

Weather in Toronto

Toronto is a city well prepared for the snow and cold temperatures that descend during the winter months. There is an underground pedestrian system in the downtown core (the PATH) that makes it easy to get around without having to go outside!
In the summer, local residents can be found heading out to the Toronto Islands to enjoy the hot temperatures by the beach. 

Driving in Toronto

Toronto’s streets can be congested, and there are streetcars, buses and plenty of public transport on the roads as well. If you plan to drive, you will need to apply for your Ontario-issued license after 60 days of living in the city. 

Healthcare in Toronto

There is excellent free healthcare in Toronto, with many walk-in clinics, doctors and hospitals available. You will need your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card to access these services, which can be obtained after three months of living in Toronto.

Education in Toronto

There are many great universities in Toronto, along with public and private schools for kids of all ages. Kindergarten begins at 4, with elementary (primary school) starting at 6, and high school starting at 14. Students graduate at 18, and then have the option of pursing further studies at college or university.


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