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    Moving to Los Angeles

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 27th Jun, 2018

    If you're considering moving home to Los Angeles in Southern California, our guide to relocating overseas to LA can provide you with all the information you'll need to ensure your move abroad is successful.

    Moving to Los Angeles

    Statistics reported in 2016 revealed that over 41% of Los Angeles residents were born elsewhere, so if you’re immigrating to the US and decided on Los Angeles, you’re in good company.
    The City of Angels is known for attracting aspiring actors, models and musicians, with Hollywood being the discernible entertainment capital of the world.
    However, there are many other reasons why people move to Los Angeles – jobs in manufacturing, finance and tech, educational institutions, and a high quality of life filled with outdoor activities and beachside fun to name a few.
    If you are relocating to Los Angeles for work, or simply fancy swapping rainy London afternoons for mornings spent on Venice beach, here are some tips to help you master living life like an Angelino. 

    Shipping to Los Angeles

    If you need help with international shipping for your move to Los Angeles from the UK, we can find you an international removal company to arrange for your container of belongings to arrive at your new home in the US. The Port of Los Angeles deals with international shipping, making it easy to connect your cargo once it arrives in LA.

    Local Areas

    Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis, and so it’s beneficial to research where you will be working when selecting a neighbourhood. Similarly, the cost of property and living overall can vary substantially depending on where you settle.
    When moving to Los Angeles, research things like schools, properties, crime rates and importantly commute times when selecting an area in which to relocate.
    Lakewood is a popular suburb for families, neighbouring the trendier Long Beach. Here, you’ll find a great selection of schools and a community centre. Mar Vista is another popular residential neighbourhood for families moving to Los Angeles, as there are a number of elementary and high schools (including two private schools), a health care centre, and an abundance of park and rec space.


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    Amenities & Leisure

    True to its West Coast stereotypes, Los Angeles provides residents with a laid-back, high quality of life. With over 300 days of sunshine, outdoor pursuits and entertaining are commonplace.
    Football fans can get their “soccer” fix with LA Galaxy matches, while the famous Staples Center houses concerts, basketball, and other live events.
    Los Angeles is so often associated with Hollywood, but there is a great deal more to enjoy if the entertainment district doesn’t strike your fancy. 

    Transport in Los Angeles

    LA is a city known for its congestion, and the extensive network of freeways and local streets are routinely heavily backed up with traffic. Everyone drives a car, and this is by far the most popular method in which to travel. If you want to move your car overseas with you, find out about shipping a car abroad here.
    With that said, there is regional public transit available in downtown Los Angeles, known as the Metro. There are buses, light rail and subway services available, offering an alternative to driving if you live in the city centre. 

    Schools in Los Angeles

    The culturally diverse make up of Los Angeles means there are a variety of schools available, from Catholic to Jewish, non-denominational public schools, private schools and more. Local universities include UCLA and California State. 

    Further info: Summertime in Los Angeles is synonymous with another “s” – smog. The city was found to be the most polluted in the US last year, and this can be especially dense during the warmer summer months. 


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