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    Visas and Documents for Moving Abroad

    To be able to relocate overseas and start your new life abroad, you'll have to organise the necessary documentation. Find out about the required documents for moving internationally.

    Visas and Documents for Moving Abroad

    To visit some countries you need a visa before you arrive, as without one you could be refused entry.
    It’s important to find out if you need a visa before planning your move and to leave plenty of time to apply for one. Visit the Foreign Travel Advice section of gov.uk to investigate the visa requirements for your intended destination.

    As of 1st January 2021, UK citizens no longer have the automatic right to live in an EU country. If you wish to move to an EU country, you should check their immigration rules, to determine whether a visa or other documentation is required.

    Applying for a visa

    If your intended destination does require a visa, it is important to allow plenty of time to apply, as the application process can be lengthy and complicated. Check how long the application usually takes and if possible allow some extra time.

    The application process will be different depending on the country, but you usually have to send your passport and this process often incurs a fee.

    The local consulate of the country you are moving to is your first point of contact when you know you will be moving to a new country. It may also be worth researching the country's embassy to find out what is needed. To speed the process up, sometime you can apply directly at the issuing office, or use a visa service. 

    projectvisa.com is a helpful resource when researching your chosen destinations visa requirements.

    Work permit

    If you have a job offer, unfortunately this still doesn't guarantee an automatic work permit. To obtain any visa you must make a formal application and this invariably involves a lot of paperwork.
    Beyond proof of employment there are certain documents you must provide which vary from country to country. In all cases, make sure you have a valid passport that is not close to expiry.
    Other documentary requirements may include:

    • Proof of qualifications and job references

    • Birth certificates

    • Marriage certificates

    • Divorce certificates

    • Medical certificates and health reports

    • Bank statements

    • Tax returns

    • Details of investments

    • Criminal record checks.

    If you are moving to an EU country, and you meet certain requirements, you can apply for an EU Blue Card, which allows qualified workers to live and work within the EU.

    workpermit.com is a helpful resource when researching your chosen destinations immigration work rules.

    Paper trail

    While trying to obtain a visa it is important to be organised and keep a paper trail. Once you have arrived in the new country, this still stands. While on a temporary work visa your circumstances may change, or your work visa may expire.
    It is important to obey the visa laws of your new home country and ensure your visa and the associated paperwork is all up to date, or you could face arrest or deportation.

    Pet travel documents

    If you are moving abroad with pets, you must make sure they have an Animal Health Certificate or an Export Health Certificate. The documentation you require depends on wether you are moving to the EU or further afield.

    Learn more about moving overseas with pets.

    Updated: 5th January 2021



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