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Do removal companies provide storage?

  1. Ms Anna Chen from London
  2. 22 December 2014
  3. Moving home questions and answers


I've sold my London flat but have nowhere to move yet. We wish to put our belongings into storage for a couple of months while we stay with friends and purchase our next home. I heard that some removal companies have their own facilities where they can place everything into storage until required when it can all come out at once. This makes it easier than having to go through the rigmarole of renting space at one of the storage companies. Which removal companies do this?


You should find that most credible removal companies either have their own storage facilities or have a link with a major storage centre, and will look after the process for you. This is quite a common ask for removals firms, so they should have dealt with a similar situation before. Let them know what your requirements are and they’ll be able to tell you if they can help.

When you compare removal quotes with us, you will receive 5 quotes from removals firms local to you. If you let them know that you require storage, they will be able to tell you what storage options they can offer.

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