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    Using Self Storage When Moving House

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 19th Mar, 2024

    Read our top tips to making your house move stress-free by using self storage and removal services.

    Using Self Storage When Moving House

    As moving day approaches you’ll have an entire checklist of jobs that need doing. From packing up bedrooms to clearing out the attic, every weekend will be spent boxing up memories and furniture until you finally have the keys to your new home. Starting out, the work may seem insurmountable and it’s easy to try and put things off.  The kids’ bedrooms are full of old broken toys that they refuse to part with and the garden shed is piled high with years’ worth of decrepit tools your spouse never got round to ‘fixing’. Where do you even begin?

    The most important rule when it comes to moving house, whether it’s as a family, a couple or on your own, is to tackle the move in stages.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember! There are plenty of ways you can make the relocation easier and we’ve put together a handy checklist (including time frames) to help make sense of it all.  But what our list doesn’t include is a guide to using self storage, an extremely convenient service to utilise before, during and after moving properties.

    What is self storage?

    Self storage centres like Safestore offer units of space for hire; from large lockers to rooms the size of a double garage, they are designed to offer a safe and convenient place to store your belongings and can be hired for as little as a week. 
    The units are highly secure, protected from the elements and flexible both in size and cost, depending on your needs. Each storage unit is locked from the outside and the person renting the space is the sole key holder. The facilities are also covered by 24hr CCTV, intruder alarms and access beyond the reception desk is strictly controlled.

    How self storage can help

    With so much going on during a house move it can be helpful to get things you don’t need every day out of the way in order to give yourself some extra space. It also means you can stagger the items you move into your new home rather than living out of boxes for the first month! 
    Just under 50% of Safestore’s customers use their facilities because they are moving house. Whether it’s because their new house isn’t quite ready yet, renovations are still taking place or they just haven’t worked out furniture arrangements, knowing what to do with furniture and household items can prove tricky. Self storage can be used for all manner of things, such as:

    • Garden tools whilst waiting for the new shed to go up.

    • Sofas while cleaning or renovating the living room.

    • Fridges, washing machines and dishwashers while the kitchen is redone.

    • Bed frames and wardrobes while bedrooms are redecorated.

    • Kids toys to keep bedrooms free of clutter while moving.

    • Items you’re not sure you want to keep but need out of the way while you decide.

    Should you use self storage?

    If your moving date is in the diary and you’d like to get certain parts of the house cleared ahead of time or somewhere safe to keep your stuff while you decorate the new house, self storage is the perfect option. There are a number of room sizes available which can be tailored to your needs and the length of time required can be adjusted to suit your moving schedule.

    Using self storage as an interim location for your belongings will seriously help to reduce moving day stress and will ensure that your items are safe, out of the way and kept in good condition. You might even decide there are one or two things you don’t particularly miss and get rid of as a consequence!

    Updated August 2020

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