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    Key Tips For Moving Into A Bigger House

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 18th Mar, 2024

    There are many reasons for taking a step up the property ladder and moving into a bigger home. Whether you wish for more bedrooms, increased storage space, a safe back garden for the children or simply more living space, many homeowners are nowadays choosing to upsize.

    Key Tips For Moving Into A Bigger House

    Perhaps you are moving into a bigger house as part of an exciting job relocation or seeking a better neighbourhood to bring up your family. Whatever your reasons we want you to be mindful of the number-crunching decisions including home removal quotes and other considerations with our key tips for upsizing your house.

    Weighing up utility bills

    A considerable challenge when moving to a bigger house is to ensure that you can afford the likely jump in bills for utilities such as gas, electric and water. A larger home is going to cost more to heat and run with appliances. You should also budget for the cost of general maintenance and occasional damage.

    Resale potential

    Whilst it is a shame to have to consider things so far down the line it is important that your new house has good resale potential. You should always bear in mind the resale potential of your home and ensure that your home is carefully maintained both inside and out, including a well-kept garden and building exterior.

    Keeping the house clean

    When viewing a bigger house it may seem like a great idea at the time to choose a home with significantly bigger bedrooms, garden space and more. But you must consider whether you and your family have the energy and commitment to keep the home spotless. The last thing you want is to sit a few months down the line in a home that is wonderful to live in but simply too time-consuming to maintain.

    Should you become besotted with a new house you’re unlikely to want to let it out of your sight. Unfortunately some people lose their perfect property through a variety of reasons, but all you can do is keep up your side of the bargain as quickly as possible to complete the move.

    If you've decided instead to move from a bigger home to a smaller property, find out our top tips for downsizing your home.

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