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Man with a Van – top tips for hiring a man with a van

Hoping to save money on your house move by using a man with a van? Make sure you discover the important information about any man with a van you are considering using by asking these key questions.

Man with a Van – top tips for hiring a man with a van

If you are moving house, you may think that hiring ‘a man with a van’ is the most cost-effective option to move your belongings to your new home.

It is important to ensure you find out all the necessary information about the service a man with a van will provide you. This individual will be moving everything you own, so you need to be confident that your items will arrive safely, and you’re not hit by last minute, hidden costs.

Before hiring a man with a van for your house move, we’ve compiled the questions you should be asking any man with a van you are considering using when moving home.

House Move Quote

  • Is it a fixed quote? Ask whether the price your man with a van has quoted you is a fixed price and won’t increase when you come to pay after your house move. Make sure you are aware of any additional costs that may be added, such as petrol costs or waiting times

  • How will I be charged? Find out whether the price of your move will be by the hour, day or job. It is important that you know if your move will be charged by the hour, as if there are any delays that may affect the cost of moving of your items. Delays can include traffic problems to waiting for the keys for your new property, which may mean the price you pay is likely to increase.

  • Will he view my items I need to move? To ensure that the appropriate vehicle and team is provided, a pre-move survey is a significant factor to a successful moving day. A pre-move survey will make the man with a van aware of the volume of items you need transporting to your new home, and give him chance to discover your requirements.


  • Will a suitable vehicle be used? You’ll be more confident of your movers arriving with a large enough vehicle if your man with a van conducts a pre-move survey to assess the items to be moved. An overweight vehicle may be pulled over by VOSA, and subsequently impounded, so it is important the van moving your items is not overloaded. You’ll also want to be sure that the van is in a good condition.

  • Will the house move take more than one trip? This will be affected by the size of the vehicle. If you are moving locally it may not be a problem to make multiple trips, but make sure that this is considered within the quote you receive. If you’re moving over a long distance this won’t be appropriate, so make sure you are aware of the logistics of your moving day.

Moving Team

  • How many people will work on my move? If you’re moving the entire contents of a large house, a one man and van team may not be suitable to get you out of your current house in time.

  • Will the team be uniformed? You’ll want to feel comfortable with the moving team, as they’ll be taking care of your items and will be in your home, and a uniform does help assure you that the people moving you are representing the company.

  • Will I have to help with the lifting? If your man with a van team is only one person, to ensure the day runs to schedule you may have to help loading and unloading the van. Ask your movers if this is something you’ll have to do in advance; it may give you time to ask around friends and family to help.

Equipment and Additional Services

  • Will protective covers be used? Professional removal companies will use specialist equipment to ensure your items are protected during your move. Find out what your man with a van has available, and whether they will be used for your house move.

  • Will packing boxes be provided? You’ll need to know this in advance to give you time to collect or buy your own if necessary.

  • Will you organise parking permits? If you currently live in, or are moving to, an area that has parking restrictions, you’ll need to organise parking permits for the removals vehicle. Many removal companies can do this for you, so find out if your man with a van will organise obtaining parking permits.

Company Information

  • Can I see your insurance? You’ll want to know the level of removals insurance your man with a van has to cover your house move. Many home insurance policies will cover accidental damage or loss during a move, but this is only if you are using a professional removal company.

  • Do you have any customer reviews? Finding out the experience of other home movers with the man with a van you are considering can help you decide which company to use, and whether you’ll have a positive house move.

reallymoving.com works with professional removal companies to provide home movers with cost-effective quotes for removal services. All the companies on our panel have the relevant insurance, suitable vehicles and trained staff, so when you get quotes for a removal company with us, you can be confident of a professional service from a recognised for an affordable price.

You can also view genuine customer feedback with us for the companies you get quotes from to help you select a removal firm.

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  • Carl Mc Dermott

    posted on 23 Jul 2016

    I disagree that "it may not be a problem" to make multiple trips with a man and van. It is almost always a problem as lorries with 2,3,4 and 5 crew have to sit and wait for hours for the house to be cleared. If your move is over a one bed property and you are in a chain MAN and Van is unsuitable.

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