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    Bank Holiday Move: Tips for a Smooth Transition

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 18th Mar, 2024

    Moving over a Bank Holiday weekend can seem like a smart move, but don’t get caught out. Check our guide to moving on a Bank Holiday.

    Bank Holiday Move: Tips for a Smooth Transition

    Moving home on a Bank Holiday can be both a help and a hindrance. The extra Bank Holidays can be extremely invaluable to families and couples moving into new homes, with an extended period of time to unpack, gather your thoughts and feel relaxed in your new home.

    However, if you are planning on moving home on a Bank Holiday it is highly recommended that you plan well in advance of this date. This is largely due to the fact home removal companies, cleaners and other utilities services are unlikely to be available on Bank Holidays at short notice. 

    The paperwork

    Solicitors rarely work on a Bank Holiday, and even if yours had volunteered this service, remember that other conveyancing solicitors in the chain may not be as amenable, so your moving home chain will be delayed significantly. Also bear in mind that the Banks are shut (naturally) on a Bank Holiday! Money cannot be transferred between accounts so the moving chain has even greater opportunity to fall apart on a Bank Holiday. Similarly, if you need particular documents on arrival at your home, you’re unlikely to be able to get them over the weekend. Plan in advance and double check you have everything you need.

    Getting set up

    Whilst some utilities may be available, and some company helplines may be open, it’s best to get everything you can set up before the bank holiday. If you can ensure you have internet, and have set up your electricity and water, at least you know you’ll be comfortable. 

    Shops and Local Area

    Depending on where you’re moving to, it’s highly likely the shops will be closed over the Bank Holiday. So if you need to pop out for masking tape, cleaning products or milk for your tea, it’s probably best to do it before Sunday. Make a list of things you might need for that first weekend, and remember that unpacking is hard work – ensuring you have snacks, drinks and anything else you might need to keep you going (including a takeaway menu) will make it all a lot easier.

    Be aware of delivery times

    Deliveries are also unreliable over Bank Holidays so you may also wish to arrange for urgent household appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines and cookers, to arrive beforehand. 

    Avoid Bank Holiday road traffic

    The hectic Bank Holiday traffic on the nation’s motorways means you should also factor this into the moving equation if your new home is far away. Removals teams should always take the Bank Holiday traffic into consideration, and have planned a route, but if you know a good shortcut, share it! You can also work to a schedule to try and be out of the house by a certain time, avoiding peak traffic.

    Look after your removals team

    You should also consider the common courtesy of tipping your Bank Holiday removal companies. Remember it is their Bank Holiday too, so a thoughtful tip can go a long way to ensuring they go the extra mile for you on the day. Have tea, cold drinks and biscuits available, as no one really wants to be working on a Bank Holiday!

    As long as you are organised and aware of some of the pitfalls, moving into your new home over a Bank Holiday can be a brilliant solution to the stress of rushing to unpack. Having a whole extra day not only takes the pressure off and means you’ll have more time to get everything the way you want it, but you may even have the chance to enjoy yourself and explore your new neighbourhood. Moving can be hard work, so make sure you treat yourself to some relaxation time in your new home. It is a long weekend, after all!

    Updated August 2017


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