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    Your Essential Moving Day Survival Kit

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 18th Mar, 2024

    Preparing a survival kit can make moving day run so much smoother as you won’t have to continuously rummage through boxes to find the essentials.

    Your Essential Moving Day Survival Kit

    On the day of your house move when you’re busy organising your family and overseeing the removal men, you might find it difficult to think about your next steps once you get to the other end.

    Preparing a survival kit can make moving day run so much smoother and by creating a list and packing your essential items, you’ll be able to keep your vital items close at hand for when you need them most after you’ve moved.

    Keeping everything you’ll need for the first few days in one place also allows you to concentrate on unpacking and getting your new house in order, meaning you’ll get settled in quickly and quietly and with the minimum of hassle.

    Survival Kit Infographic

    An infographic by the team at reallymoving

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    Preparing your moving day survival kit

    Before your removal team arrives, group together your moving essentials to be kept separate to all your other items, and make sure you let the team know that you will be bringing these items yourself.

    Each family member will need an overnight bag, containing nightclothes and a change of clothes for the next day. It might be easier to take all your essential bathroom items together in one large travel bag rather than having individual wash bags.

    Watch our video guide on how to pack your moving box and read our guide on how to pack your house before you move for further tips.

    Here is our extensive list of items that you may find useful to keep in your moving day survival kit:

    From the kitchen

    • Mug, plate, knife, fork and spoon for each family member

    • Instant coffee/tea

    • Kettle

    • Bottled water (if water at new house isn’t switched on)

    • Soft drinks

    • Paper plates

    • Plastic utensils / cutlery

    • Paper towels

    • Teaspoons

    • Cooking equipment or takeaway menus

    • Provisions for next day’s breakfast

    • Snacks

    From the bedroom

    • Bed Linen

    • Phone and phone chargers

    • Alarm clock

    • Change of clothes for all family members

    From the bathroom

    • Towels

    • Toiletries

    • Toilet paper

    • Soap

    • Cleaning supplies

    • First aid kit containing painkillers, plasters, etc.

    • Any essential medication your family needs

    From the toolbox

    • Basic tools e.g. screwdrivers, drill, hammer

    • Masking tape or PVC tape

    • Scissors

    • Utility knife

    • Torch

    Other accessories

    • Pencils and paper

    • A few light bulbs

    • Bin liners

    • Shelf liners

    • Portable radio

    • Pet food / water bowls / bedding & accessories

    • Hot water bottle (if the heating in your new house isn’t switched on)

    During your house move you might forget to think about the items you’ll need for the rest of your family, like your children for example. Moving house can be a stressful and confusing time for them, so we’ve included a few essential items that you might want to pack for them too.

    For young children

    • DVD player and a couple of DVD’s

    • 2-3 books

    • Baby changing supplies for very young children

    • A couple of games for entertainment

    • A couple of soft toys for comfort

    Take a look at our list of children’s books about moving house if you’re looking for help when moving with children.

    With all this packed in your moving day survival kit you’ll be prepared for any eventuality! It may also be worth taking a box containing your toaster, an all-purpose pan and other small appliances with you in the car – along with a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses to celebrate once you arrive in your new home!

    Last updated July 2022

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