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Packing Boxes

Get Packing Boxes for your big move.

Packing Boxes

Packing when moving home

We all know how stressful moving home can be. We also know how easy it can be to put something off that we might not be looking forward to. So don’t leave your packing until the last minute!

In advance of your move, you should go through your items and purge your possessions to reduce the amount you’re taking with you to your new home. By selling, donating or recycling items you no longer need, not only will it reduce the cost of your move, but it will reduce the length of time spent packing your house and the amount of packing materials you will need.

Your removal company may be able to give you an idea of how many boxes you’ll need for each room when they undertake a pre-move survey, so be sure to ask them if they can give you an estimated number of boxes you should get. Make sure this is after you have decluttered your home so you can get a more accurate estimate.

Your removal firm can also provide you with advice on how best to pack your items for your house move.

Packing Materials

In addition to packing boxes, you will also need a number of other materials when packing for a house move.

This includes:

  • Tape for constructing and sealing packing boxes

  • Bubble wrap

  • Wrapping paper (tissue paper and newspaper can be used)

  • Marker pens

It is important that you are using good quality boxes that are the correct size. To ensure your packing boxes are utilised correctly when moving home, our guide to how to pack a moving box can help.

Get your boxes now and start packing as early as possible!

reallymoving.com works with The Depaul Box Company to offer competitive prices for moving boxes.

From the Little Moves Pack to the Big Haulers Pack, the moving kits will include all you need for your packing, whether you are moving the contents of a flat or a 4 bedroom house. All you have to do is select the size most suited to your move.

Each kit contains essential items you’ll almost certainly need when moving house, including a selection of small and large boxes, packing tape and a marker pen. The large boxes are all double walled for added strength.

The Depaul Box Company is part of the youth homeless charity, Depaul UK. All profits go towards the charity.

The Moving Packs are available with free delivery.

Take a look through the collection of Moving Packs to select which would be most suitable for your move.

Thank you, and good luck with your move!

For packing tips when moving home, take a look at our video guides to packing your home.


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