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    Unexpected Moving Costs: What Could Increase Your Bill?

    You’ve been clearing your clutter and packing up your items, but your removals quote was more expensive than you expected. Here’s what impacts the cost of a move, and what you can do about it.

    Unexpected Moving Costs: What Could Increase Your Bill?
    We work very hard with our removals partners to try and make sure you get an accurate quote when using reallymoving, but there are always going to be a few situations that can add costs to a home move.

    We recommend asking your removals team for getting a ‘removals survey ’, where a member of the removals team will come and assess your home. This way they can see just how much stuff you have and can accurately estimate how big a van you’ll need and how big a team.
    Here are a few things that can have an impact on the cost of your home move:

    Being on a high floor with no lift

    If there are lots of stairs to get to your flat (and no lift), it’s going to cost you more to move. This is for one of two reasons. Either it will take longer to move everything, so you’ll pay for the extra time, or the removals company will hire more people to speed  up the move, but you’ll pay for a bigger team.

    It is one of those unfortunate things that can’t really be avoided. Some people might want to try and take a lot of the items downstairs themselves in the hopes of speeding up the process, but remember that you’ve hired professionals who know how to carry heavy or difficult items properly without putting themselves or your items at risk.

    Parking distance from the property

    It might not be your fault, but if the removals team can’t park the van near your property, it’s going to take them longer to load, which will cost you more.

    If you can, arrange any permits or parking access in advance. Whether that means applying to the council for permits or chatting with your neighbours about blocking their driveway, the more you plan, the easier it will be.
    Don’t forget this applies to the property you’re moving into, as well as the one you’re leaving – blocking the road or making life difficult for your new neighbours isn’t going to make the best first impression.

    Disassembly and reassembly

    Confirm in advance how much disassembly and reassembly will cost – don’t assume that those extra services are included in your quote.

    You can, of course, choose to disassemble items yourself and cut the costs, but if you are concerned about doing this, it’s best to leave it to your removals firm and just shoulder the extra expense.

    As this is an additional service, always remember to book it in advance. Otherwise the timings your removals team will have worked out will be wrong, the move will take longer and you’ll end up paying more.

    Garden items

    When looking around your property, it’s so easy to forget the garden and miss it out from your quote. Extra items like garden furniture or a shed full of tools is immediately going to increase your costs.
    Work out in advance whether you plan to take certain structures (greenhouses, sheds, playhouses, climbing frames) with you when you move, and whether you’ll be disassembling them yourself.

    Bear in mind also that some items can’t really be moved by removals firms – open cans of paint, fertiliser, certain chemicals and plant pots often won’t be accepted. Other items can be moved by removals firms but might require maintenance or preparation beforehand – for example, if you want a removals firm to transport a lawnmower, it needs to be empty and fairly clean. Be sure to check what conditions your removals firm will require you to meet for the transport of items like these.

    Find out more in our guide to moving your plants when you move home.

    Other unexpected items

    Much like with the garden, when getting a removals quote people don’t think about the unseen items. Are there items in your loft or basement that you intend to take with you? Are your cupboards stuffed full, or is there storage under your bed? Often if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, but that can really cost you when it comes to removals.

    Your best bet is to clear your clutter before getting a removals firm to do a survey. That way they’ll have a clear idea of exactly what they’re working with, and there won’t be any nasty surprises on moving day.

    High value items

    If you’re planning on moving items that have a higher value, you may find that your removals company doesn’t have insurance that covers it. Similarly, if you’re moving items that are both difficult to transport and high in value (like a grand piano), it’s going to cost more. It may also be something that your removals team can’t manage, and may require a specialist with particular equipment.

    Packing services

    If you’re moving from a large property, it sometimes is worth the extra money to leave the packing to the professionals. Paying for a packing service means that your items will be professionally packed, less likely to break and you won’t have to buy lots of boxes. If you’re short on time or people to help, this can be an excellent service to make use of. However, bear in mind that it is always an additional cost.

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