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Do I Need a Second Opinion on a Property Survey?

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I'm currently buying a property and whilst I understand that the property needed a bit of a refurb, I was totally shocked to receive the building survey report indicating it would need approx £70k worth of work. The estate agent went mad and even called the surveyor to discuss what he thought was a massively over priced estimate. At this point i'm feeling really confused and wondered whether it would be worth getting a second opinion and paying for another structural survey before pulling out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


In my opinion I wouldn’t get another survey done. The surveyor has been instructed by you to work on your behalf and therefore is highlighting all the potential problems with this purchase that you need to be aware of. Without seeing the report I can't fully comment, however I would suggest that a further survey would only highlight the same issues and you would be spending unnecessary money.

What I would suggest however, is that your surveyor will likely have been estimating costs etc. I would speak to your surveyor and get a full schedule of works put together and then get quotes from the appropriately qualified trades people for each of the works required which will give you a much more accurate figure. This can then be put to your agent and negotiated with the seller etc.

Jonathan Oldham

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We have a helpful article about how to complain about your Chartered Surveyor for advice when you are not happy with the service you have received for your house survey.

Jonathan Oldham

Jonathan Oldham

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I would like to thank the survey for pointing out defects which would of cost me massive amounts of money, I did pull out of the property but the money paid for the surgery saved me thousands on repairs.

Ellie on 06/03/2024

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