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    How to Complain About Your Chartered Surveyor

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 13th Mar, 2024

    Here's what you can do if you are unhappy with your surveyor.

    How to Complain About Your Chartered Surveyor

    Here at reallymoving we work with a huge number of RICS regulated surveyor firms. We ask all of our users to provide feedback on the firm they use, so that our customers can see how all the suveyor firms have done in the past.

    We display customer ratings and reviews for all our Surveying partners.

    Unfortunatley sometimes you find an issue with the surveyor you chose, and, if the problem is serious enough, you may wish to make a complaint to them or their governing body.

    How to complain

    If you are unhappy with your surveyor, it's important that you make it known to them and take the appropriate action. Whilst you should feel free to let us know about your experience with one of our firms, there are some other steps you may wish to consider.

    The RICS – Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – expect their regulated surveyors to follow strict rules of conduct. These rules of conduct insist that RICS members have a Complaints Handling Procedure (known as a CHP) to deal with grievances against their firm.

    Ideally, when you initially employed your surveyor, reference to their CHP should have been evident in the terms and conditions they sent you. If this was not sent with their T&Cs, and you are not happy with the service that your RICS surveyor has provided, you should ask to see details of their Complaints Handling Procedure in writing. 

    If you have asked for a copy of their CHP it's important to keep a copy of your request, whether it was by letter (send by recorded delivery), email (get a delivery receipt) or by phone (make a note of the date that you called the company and who you spoke to).

    RICS require that your complaint is handled by a designated complaints manager or by a senior member of the firm. These individuals should try to resolve your complaint. 

    If your grievance cannot be resolved internally, the surveyor should refer it to an independent redress scheme, ideally run by an ombudsman.

    The surveyor firm should let you know which ombudsman scheme they have forwarded your complaint to so that you can stay informed of its progress.

    Go direct to RICS

    An alternative method of complaining about your surveyor is to go direct to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. 

    RICS Regulation is the regulatory arm of RICS and is accountable for ensuring its members observe the rules and regulations to which they have signed up. If RICS considers the member firm has fallen short of anticipated standards, the RICS will take suitable steps to stop the risk of additional misdemeanours. 

    Here is a list of the areas in which RICS will investigate:

    • Failure to utilise a complaints handling procedure
    • Failure to disclose a conflict of interest
    • Misuse of clients’ money
    • Failure to answer correspondence
    • Working with a conviction of a criminal office

    RICS cannot: 

    • Deal with non-RICS members
    • Pay compensation on behalf of a member, or instruct a member to pay compensation
    • Determine whether a firm has acted negligently – this is a case for the law courts
    • Become involved in any court action against a Member Firm

    Further information can be found at the RICS website

    Updated April 2020

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