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How Much is a Structural Engineers Report?

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A normal survey has flagged up that over-sized windows fitted to a chalet bungalow has caused outward thrust to roof structure and cracking of the walls at each corner of the bungalow. The surveyor believes that the windows are not adequately supported and has advised that a structural engineer report is needed. What would be the approximate cost to employ an engineer, and what would be the ball park figure to rectify? 


It is not possible to say how much a structural engineers report would cost. Just as the level of fees vary from surveyor to surveyor based on a whole range of factors, different criteria would also apply to how a structural engineer prices certain jobs based on their workload, the nature of the problem and the level of detail required in any report. You will therefore have to contact a structural engineer in your area, explain the issue and get a fee proposal from them.
Again, it is not possible to provide a figure for the rectification of the defects without having the structural engineers report first.

You must ensure that not only does his report diagnose the defects, but also provides a schedule of proposed repair works that can be submitted to local building contractors for them to price. It may be that his report views the movement as having ceased with monitoring sufficient which would therefore require no current expenditure but on the other hand, if the roof needs to be stabilised or the foundations underpinned, then this would be extremely expensive.

Stephen Howes, James Ross & Co

Stephen Howes

Stephen Howes

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