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Where can I find a reputable company that will provide snagging surveys on a new build?


Many purchasers of brand new homes do not commission a survey, as they believe that buying ‘new’ will give them an assurance that there are no issues with the property. Also, some purchasers do have a mistaken belief that The NHBC (National Homebuilding Council), or other providers such as Zurich, provide a comprehensive warranty.  The warranty is limited, typically to specific structural defects.

If the new home is being bought with a mortgage, the lender will conduct a valuation, but this valuation is not a survey. A purchaser may decide to commission a condition surveyor to conduct a Snagging Survey on a new build property.

The survey focusses on the build standard of the property, highlighting defects, or omissions by a builder. It is important to remember that a property can settle after it has been built, and that such settlement cannot be predicted, nor can structural movement, unless there are defects or omissions noted during the survey.

A search on, with the request of ‘snagging survey’ under ‘special instructions’, will provide details of local surveyors, and it is worthwhile contacting them to ensure that they will conduct a snagging survey.

Neil Hewitt,
Neil Hewitt Surveying

Neil Hewitt

Neil Hewitt

Neil Hewitt Surveying

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Excellent service, the survey was on a Friday so I was not sure if the phone call would happen the same day, but it did and the surveyor took me through his feedback very comprehensively. I received the invoice the same day and paid and then received the written report 3 days early from their previous date, the report was detailed and comprehensive.

Jess on 03/05/2023

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