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    6 Reasons to use reallymoving

    10 February 2022 / Jeremy Greer

    If you’re wondering ‘why bother using quotes on reallymoving, can’t I do it myself?’ then we’re here to answer: why wouldn't you want to use us?

    6 Reasons to use reallymoving
    We are passionate about making the moving home process easier and simpler, so here’s six reasons to use us during your home move.

    1. We only use reputable companies

    We are dedicated to putting our customers in contact with the companies that you can trust to do the job. We only work with RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) regulated surveyors, solicitors/conveyancers who are members of the SRA or CLC, and for removals firms they have to have a high level of insurance, good credit and have been trading to a certain standard for a significant amount of time.

    We carry out spot checks and mystery shopping exercises on our panel to make sure everyone’s getting a great experience. And if we find that consistently negative feedback comes back about a partner, we remove them from our panel.

    Our priority is having high quality, trustworthy people on hand to make your move simple.
    Learn more about how we check our partners.

    2. We save you time with instant quotes

    That’s why we exist – to save you time! Instead of trawling through every Google search result for a firm in your area, calling each one to see what their prices are and whether they’re available, and making a cost comparison spreadsheet (just us?) we do the hard work for you.

    You fill out one form, and we send you an email with a link to your personal results. You’ll receive up to four (or five for removals) quotes for different companies that cover your area. It takes less than a minute. Which means that’s one more thing you can tick off your moving home checklist.

    3. We’re backed up by the Ombudsman

    If you have a problem (and we don’t think you will) then you’re covered in a variety of ways. You can talk to us if you’re not happy about your experience with one of our partners, or you want some help. You can also go to each of the governing bodies for the industries, like RICS, the SRA or in some cases, the BAR. But you can also use the Ombudsman.

    We are covered by the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman, so if you have a problem and you want to take it further, you can trust they’ll be there to guide you.

    Learn more about how we work with the DRO.

    4. You can check our reviews

    We think that reviews are the most important thing when you’re making a decision. That’s why when we send you those quotes, you can go to each company and look at their directory page and their reviews from actual reallymoving customers. The reviews on our site can only be left by someone who got a quote, so you know they’re for real.

    Our reviews are also how we learn, so when a partner gets a negative review, (should we bring in the word ‘feedback’ here to tie it together?) we encourage them to acknowledge it and respond. Our reviews are one of our top ways we listen to our customers, and many of them have helped us launch new ideas to make our services even better!

    Because our reviews are only left by legitimate reallymoving customers, you may find they look a little higher than those on external review sites. Some of our clients have been with us right since the start, before some of those review sites even existed! So if our reviews do look different, it’s nothing to worry about. We know we can’t get it right all the time and you’ll definitely see a range of reviews on our site.

    And like we said before, if one of our partners offers a low quality service and gets frequent negative reviews, we help them to improve, or we say goodbye. Because it matters to us who we work with, who we recommend, and who makes your dream move a reality.

    Find out more about how we collect reviews.

    5. We’re impartial

    If you’ve used other comparison sites (and we’re pretty sure you have) you’ll know that sometimes results come up that can be confusing. You’ve set it to show the lowest price first, but some other company keeps jumping to the top. Maybe one seems to be bolder, or bigger than the rest?

    Some other comparison sites are paid by their partners to be featured in a better position. But it doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for you. Our quotes are generated by an algorithm that pulls in the four best companies in your area, for your service on a random rotation.

    No preferential treatment, no extra payments, and no more wondering if who you’ve chosen is really the best. We only work with great firms, so we leave that choice up to you.

    6. We’ve got 20 years of moving knowledge to share

    It would be easy to come and use us for a quote, and move on with your day. We wouldn’t blame you. But it would be a waste! Because we’ve been helping people move for over twenty years and we’ve created some really nifty tools in that time.

    Wondering how much it’ll cost to move, but not ready for quotes yet? Try our Moving Cost Calculator.

    Not sure how long each stage will take? Move through our interactive Timeline.

    Wondering how you’re possibly going to remember everything? Tick off items our personalised Moving Home Checklist, where you can choose what type of buyer you are so everything is relevant to you.

    We’ve got articles, guides, top tips, FAQs and updates on the property market. So whether you’re ready to move, or just started saving, we can help you feel in control.