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FAQs for Conveyancing

Thinking of joining our panel of Conveyancing Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers? Take a look through our collection of Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Free Trial

How do I set up a free trial?

If you are interested in a free trial, we will send you a spreadsheet to complete with your details and prices. When we have received the spreadsheet from you we will send out our e-agreement which will require a digital signature from you. Once our e-agreement has been signed we are ready to activate your account for your free trial.

You can fill in the join us form to make an enquiry about setting up a free trial.

Is there a sign-up fee?

There is no joining fee or set-up fee involved and you have the option to leave at any time. We do not bind you to any contracts, and you have the flexibility to cancel anytime you wish.

How long will my free trial last?

We will give you a 2 week free trial, this will give you an opportunity to experience how our system works and what to expect.

How many postcodes can I have for my free trial?

You may choose any 2 postcode regions for your free trial e.g. the whole of NW and SW.

I used to be a partner and would like to re-join – can I still have a free trial?

If it has been a long time since you were last on our system, we would be willing to give you a free trial to experience all the new features we have implemented.


How much do leads cost?

For England and Wales, we charge a small fee of £9.75 + VAT for single transaction leads (sale OR purchase) and £14.75 + VAT for a dual transaction leads (sale AND purchase). For Northern Ireland we charge £8.99 + VAT for single transaction leads, and £12.99 for dual transaction leads. There are absolutely no completion fees!

If you are interested in conveyancing leads in Scotland, please contact our conveyancing sales manager for more information.

How do I receive the leads?

Leads will be sent instantly to the email address you specify and are also available to view on your secure online partner page. We also provide an API which can push the leads directly into your client management system. 

I got 3 leads from the same person – do I have to pay for each lead?

No. You will only pay once for the lead. We automatically deduct duplicate leads from the past 28 days (i.e. leads using the same email address).  The deducted leads are highlighted on your account page.


How many postcodes can I have?

After your free trial, you may choose to add as many available postcodes as you wish to your account.

Can I control my own postcodes?

You will always be in control of your postcodes; our system allows you to specifically select which area you wish to receive the leads from e.g. leads from B1, B2 and not from B3.


How can I change my phone number/address?

Once you are on our system you may log-in to your secure online partner page and change your company details at any time.

Can I change my prices?

You will always be in control of your prices and can log-in to your partner page at anytime to amend your prices.

Do my prices include VAT?

If you are VAT registered our system will automatically add the VAT to the prices we quote on your behalf.

I’ve forgotten my password for my admin page – how can I get a reminder?

If you have forgotten your password, please contact us by phone or email and we will send you out a reminder after your account details have been confirmed.

I’m going on holiday for a week – can I stop my leads?

Yes – please let us know the dates you wish your leads to be suspended and we will get this done for you. Your leads will automatically start again on the date you request.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee and you have the flexibility to cancel your agreement with reallymoving.com at any time.

I see other companies have information on their page in the directory – how do I get that?

You may send us a description of about 400 words about your company and we will add this to your partner directory page. Alternatively, our Content Writer will be more than happy to write you a description after discussing this with you.


I had a very happy customer this weekend – how do they leave feedback?

Every customer that registers for a quote on reallymoving.com will receive a unique feedback email. This will allow the customer to leave a review for the firm that they have used for their conveyancing transaction. If a customer has not received this, you may send us the customer’s email address they registered with and we will send them out a feedback link.

Do I get to respond to comments made about my company?

Yes – we will send you an email advising that there has been feedback left for your firm and you will have the option to respond to the feedback comments.

Is there a way I can link to my feedback from my website?

Yes – Your secure online partner page will include a link called ‘we’re listed’ with details of how to link directly to your specific feedback.

You can find out more information about our customer feedback service here.