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    UK's Festive Street Names: A Yuletide Exploration

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 27th Mar, 2024

    Are things extra Christmassy on these 5 street names with a festive feel?

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means mince pies, carol singers, decorations and Christmas songs blaring out wherever you turn.

    For a bit of fun, and to enter into the yuletide spirit, we have dug deep to find the most festive street names in the UK.

    Rudolph Street, Bolton

    ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose…’ everyone knows the classic song, but for the inhabitants of Rudolf Street in Bolton there’s even more reason to play ‘the theme tune’ at this time of year and consider putting up reindeer-style decorations to match the name of the street.

    Seeing an actual reindeer in Bolton itself might be more of a stretch, but stranger things have happened!

    Tinsel Lane, Nuneaton

    Is there a house in the land that won’t have tinsel on their tree this Christmas? The decoration favourite adorns properties up and down the UK, but Tinsel Lane in Leicestershire actually contains very few houses.

    A thoroughly rural lane surrounded by beautiful countryside, it stretches for a long old way but only has the odd house dotted along it.

    You would have to hope, however, that these houses really bring their tinsel A-game when it comes to decorating their home. A home on Tinsel Lane without any tinsel? Unthinkable.

    Mistletoe Street, Durham

    As much a part of Christmas as turkey, pigs in blankets and John Lewis adverts, mistletoe features prominently in numerous Christmas films, TV shows and comedy specials – not to mention a fair few songs as well.

    ‘Christmas time, mistletoe and’ - you know the rest!

    And in the beautiful university city of Durham, famed for its cathedral, there is a Mistletoe Street. Whether this street is full of kissing couples at Christmas is hard to say, but it is also a popular area for local students, so…

    We would certainly expect lots of mistletoe to be hanging in houses along this street over the festive season.

    Reindeer Street, Mansfield

    A very residential street in the heart of this Midlands town, the road is very short – and mostly made up of the typical red-brick houses you find in this part of the country – but it does include a pub called, you guessed it, The Reindeer.

    Rumours of sightings of a jolly old man in a red suit and his sleigh flying over the town on Christmas Eve night have yet to be verified…

    Frost Street, Wolverhampton

    Following the theme of Midlands’ streets with a festive flavour, Frost Street is a short road on the outskirts of Wolverhampton.

    It’s a typical, quiet residential street, of the like you’d see across the UK, but there may be an extra chill in the air here come Christmas.

    You might also meet a few more Jacks than normal in this part of town. Don’t forget your scarf.

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