Conveyancing advice on moving house

Looking for information to help with your move? Read some of our conveyancing articles.

Choosing Conveyancing Solicitors in Scotland: Your Complete Guide

Moving home in Scotland is a slightly different process to England and Wales. Have a look at our overview of the Scottish conveyancing process.


Choosing a Great Conveyancing Solicitor: Your Essential Guide

How do you know what to look for when choosing a conveyancing solicitor?

Understanding Wales' Land Transaction Tax (LTT): A Comprehensive Guide

As of April 2018, Wales has had Land Transaction Tax (LTT) instead of Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Buying a house

Seller's Disclosure Requirements When Selling a Property: A Detailed Guide

When selling your home, you have a responsibility to offer a clear picture to the possible buyer. Here's what you need to disclose about your property.

Selling a home

Understanding Freehold Property Ownership: A Complete Overview

Freehold is when you own the land as well as the property on it – here’s what you need to know.

Buying a house, First Time Buyer

Understanding Leasehold Property Ownership: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking to buy a property, but not sure about leasehold, and whether it's right for you?

Buying a house, First Time Buyer

Transparency in Legal Fees: Insightful Whitepaper Analysis

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have called for studies into the transparency of legal fees and services, in order to explore whether customers were able to make informed purchasing decisions.

Costs and Fees

Navigating Property Inheritance: A Comprehensive Guide for What to Do Next

Inheriting a property from a parent or family member can be an emotional experience. During times of loss, the last thing you want to deal with is the property side of things

Selling a home

Investing in Buy-to-Let Properties in University Towns: A Strategic Guide

With some university towns showing a 22.5% increase in property worth, it might be time to start letting to a certain demographic: students. 

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