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Dispelling the myths of conveyancing

For many home movers conveyancing is a grey area. There are numerous conveyancing myths which confuse people when buying and selling a house.

Dispelling the myths of conveyancing

Conveyancing "don’t come cheap"

The myth that you can secure conveyancing services for under £100 is certainly pie in the sky. If you find such a conveyancer, check your contract carefully as you may be charged for every email read, text sent or paperclip used. As much as we don’t like to spend money on necessities, generally you get what you pay for when it comes to a conveyancing solicitor.

Significantly, if your conveyancing quotes sound too good to be true then the fact of the matter is they probably are. Concentrate on getting value for money from your chosen solicitor, ensuring they take the strain of the paperwork whilst keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Conveyancers don’t arrange a house survey

Contrary to popular belief conveyancing solicitors do not arrange a home survey. In a reallymoving.com study conducted of 900 people last year 54% of respondents in fact believed the solicitor would arrange a house survey. Similarly, a fifth of respondents thought that an estate agent could carry out the conveyancing of their house move. The confusion appears to lie between the concept of surveys and searches, with conveyancing solicitors employed to carry out the latter.

Your conveyancing solicitor plays a crucial role in the buying and selling process of a house purchase. It is important to note that you have no legal obligation or binding agreement to purchase or sell a property until a Contract for Sale has exchanged hands. Both the buyer and the seller must have signed and exchanged their contracts, while exchange is normally accompanied by a deposit which is held by the seller until the sale is completed.

You don’t have to use a local conveyancer

As local knowledge of the area of the property is not required for conveyancing, and the tasks your solicitor will have to complete can be done online, using a local, high street conveyancer is not necessary. Searches are performed online with the Land Registry and local authorities, documentation can be posted or emailed, and communication can be conducted over the phone, through email or by post.
Many national firms also have a case tracker system, which is updated when any progress has been made and can be accessed by clients at all times.
We have more information about whether your conveyancing solicitor needs to be local from one of our conveyancing Property Professors.

Appoint your conveyancing solicitor carefully and ensure they have the relevant experience and qualifications to handle delays and any obstacles along the way. Check their background using a conveyancing solicitor directory with reviews and opinions from home owners who have used these conveyancers in the past.

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