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What is a Home Report?

A Home Report is required when you sell a home in Scotland. They are specific to the Scottish moving system and have three elements. Read on for more information.

What is a Home Report?

A Scottish Home Report is a pack which provides information about the condition and value of a property. The seller of a property is responsible for organising the completion of a Home Report before the property is put on the market and ensuring it is available to prospective buyers when requested. The Home Report will allow potential buyers to make an informed decision on whether to purchase a property.

The cost of a Scottish Home Report will depend on the price of your property. To compare costs for Home Reports you can get quotes here at reallymoving.com.

Do I need a Home Report?

If you are moving home in Scotland you will not be able to sell your property without a Home Report as it is against the law and you could receive a fine. A Home Report is required for all properties being sold in Scotland that were put on the market from 1st December 2008.

There are, however, types of properties that are exempt from requiring a Home Report, including:

  • Newly converted homes- a building which has or is being converted into a home does not require a Home Report if it has not previously been used in its converted state.
  • New build homes
  • Right to buy homes- As this form of purchasing a property does not involve marketing it does not require a Home Report.
  • Seasonal and holiday accommodation - refers to accommodation which only has permission to be used 11 months in any year
  • A portfolio of property - where the seller of the properties does not accept a separate offer on one of the properties. An example of this may be where a property has out buildings such as ‘gate house’ or ‘staff cottage’
  • Mixed sales- this may occur on properties which also have non-residential use, such a flat above a shop or pub.
  • Dual use of a dwelling sale- where the property is used for both residential and non-residential purposes; such as a house which is also used as a workshop or studio.
  • Unsafe properties- properties which are considered a health or safety risk to occupants or visitors.
  • Properties to be demolished

What is included in a Home Report?

There are three different aspects to a Scottish Home Report: a Single Survey, an Energy Report and a Property Questionnaire.

The Single Survey

A Single Survey is undertaken by a RICS surveyor and will assess and summarise the condition of all the main aspects of a property to allow potential buyers to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with a house purchase. It will notify buyers of areas of the property that are in good condition as well as those that require urgent and future repairs.

The Single Survey can also include a Mortgage Valuation of the property. If this is required it should be discussed with your surveyor.

The Energy Report

The second aspect of the Scottish Home Report, the Energy Report, was devised to establish the energy efficiency of a house and inform buyers of cost-effective ways to improve a property’s environmental impact, similar to the Energy Performance Certificate used in England and Wales. The report will indicate a property’s energy efficiency through a rating system and will provide recommendations in reducing carbon emissions.

The Energy Report is valid for the ten years following the date of issue.

The Property Questionnaire

The Property Questionnaire is completed by the house seller and will provide a useful summary of the property to the potential buyer. Information the Property Questionnaire will make available includes:

  • Council tax banding

  • Parking arrangements

  • Factoring arrangements

  • Local authority notices

  • History of flooding

  • Alterations to the property

Sellers have an obligation to provide an accurate and truthful account of the property but, if needed, sellers are able to receive assistance from their conveyancing solicitor or surveyor to answer the more difficult questions.

How long does a Home Report last?

Although there is not an official time scale the report lasts for, if your house has been on the market over a long period of time it may be worth getting an up-to-date Home Report completed. If a new report is requested by a buyer, it is the combined responsibility of the seller and the buyer to agree who will pay for it.

If a house has been removed from the market for over four weeks before it is put up for sale again, or the report was conducted over 12 weeks before the house is put on the market, a new Home Report will need to be completed.

How do I get a Home Report?

For the first two parts of the Home Report, the Single Survey and the Energy Report, you will need to employ the expert service of a RICS Chartered Surveyor. To find the best price for quality surveyors, you can compare quotes for Scottish Home Reports here at reallymoving.com.

When you are sent your quotes for surveyors in your area you will also receive a link to the Property Questionnaire.


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