Compare Nationwide mortgage panel approved solicitors

Compare prices from solicitors on the Nationwide conveyancing panel.

If you’re buying a new home or remortgaging with Nationwide, you may need to find a solicitor on the Nationwide conveyancing panel going forward with your purchase.

We can help. Using our quick and easy quote form on reallymoving, you can receive up to 4 quotes for local conveyancing solicitors who will fit your requirements. You can be sure that each of our solicitors and licensed conveyancers are regulated by the SRA or CLC.

If you are buying a property using a mortgage from Nationwide you’ll need a regulated conveyancing solicitor for your purchase. You can compare quotes for professional and trusted conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers on reallymoving.

How much does it cost to use a mortgage panel solicitor?

Conveyancing solicitors who sit on an approved mortgage lender panel will not necessarily cost more than another solicitor – the only time you might pay more is if you use a solicitor that your mortgage lender disapproves of. If you’re concerned about price, you can easily compare quotes to get the best deal for your conveyancing needs.

What happens if I don’t choose a conveyancing solicitor who is on a managed panel?

If you decide not to go with an approved solicitor from the Nationwide lending panel, you could end up paying more on top of your conveyancing fees. This is because you’ll be paying for your mortgage lender’s legal representation. Deciding to use a solicitor that is on the Nationwide conveyancing panel will likely save you money in the long term.

What is a lender conveyancing panel?

Your lender will have an approved collection of solicitor firms that they would prefer you to use for conveyancing. This will be because those solicitors fit Nationwide's criteria, and that they feel they can trust them. From Nationwide's perspective using conveyancing solicitors they trust will limit any complications with your purchase or remortgage. 

The list of approved Nationwide conveyancing solicitors is extensive and is constantly being updated. It's not hard to find a great conveyancing solicitor on the Nationwide panel and you can compare them to other conveyancing experts by using the quote form on our website. 

How do I know if my solicitor is on the panel?

The simplest way is to confirm with the solicitor when you receive your quotes from reallymoving. You can also submit the solicitor to Nationwide to confirm they are on the panel or you can check their website to see if they have an updated list of conveyancing solicitors that have been approved.. If you have a mortgage advisor they will also be helpful in this instance.

How do I find a solicitor on the Nationwide lender conveyancing panel?

You can get a quick quote from reallymoving, where you’ll be instantly sent up to 4 quotes from local, trusted conveyancing solicitors. Of these, you can check who is registered with the Nationwide panel, or ask them directly. If you’re concerned about how to choose a conveyancing solicitor, you can check out our simple guide.

Reallymoving is a comparison site that allows you to find conveyancing solicitors for your house move or remortgage. We are not affiliated with Nationwide and are not the Nationwide conveyancing panel. For solicitors wishing to join the Nationwide panel, you must go to them directly.

It is really easy to get Nationwide panel solicitor quotes – check out reallymoving to compare prices and instantly get up to 4 quotes.