Do I still need a HIP?

No, you don't, but you do need an Energy Performance Certificate if you are selling your home. HIPs were suspended in May 2010 and formally abolished by the Coalition.

Do I still need a HIP?

Home Information Pack

No, you no longer need to provide a Home Information Pack. On 21st May 2010 the coalition government suspended them indefinitely.  Sellers no longer need to buy a HIP.

If you are selling your home, you  do, however, have to provide an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). These cost around £50, depending on the size of the property and give your home a rating based on its energy efficiency.

An EPC lasts 10 years.  It must be commissioned before you market your property, but you have 28 days grace to provide it.  After this, you are liable to a fine of £200 PER DAY if you or your estate agent – advertises your property without an EPC.

Except for the EPC, your conveyancing solicitor will deal with all the matters previously held in a Home Information Pack.  EPCs are undertaken by Domestic Energy Assessors.

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