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Snakes and Property Ladders

Home ownership feeling a bit like a game? Not sure you know the rules? Try and make it up the ladder with our informative (and fun!) game. Just try not to sssssslip up.

​We know that buying your first home can be exciting, overwhelming and ultimately, confusing. All you want to do is follow the rules and make it onto the property ladder, but problems keep getting in the way. 

Whether it's survey issues, getting caught up in a long chain or your purchase taking longer than expected, there are a bunch of snakes to look out for. Why not click on the board to learn more about those snakes (and ladders) and figure out how to win?

If you feel like you're ready to take on real world Snakes and Property Ladders, why not have a look at our Ultimate First Time Buyer's Guide, where we've given a complete run down of the process, and what you need to know.