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What is a Property Questionnaire?

It is a requirement of the Home Report that anybody selling a property must complete the Property Questionnaire. Read on for more information about the Property Questionnaire for houses in Scotland.

What is a Property Questionnaire?

What is a Property Questionnaire?

The third and final part of the Home Report, the Property Questionnaire is the one section that the seller is tasked with completing themselves. The questionnaire is designed to provide buyers with information that only the current home owner is likely to know.
This information is very useful to potential buyers before they decide to submit an offer to purchase the property. The questionnaire also minimises the risk of delays and uncertainties throughout the conveyancing process.
The Home Report Property Questionnaire is by no means a small document to fill in. With around nine pages of questions relating to the property, sellers have a duty to provide information to the best of their knowledge.
Some of the questions are fairly straightforward. They include whether the property has been flooded or if there have ever been any repairs for damp or wood rot. However there are other questions that may require a little more thought. In fact sellers often need the help of their conveyancing solicitor to answer some of the trickier questions of a Property Questionnaire.
There are instances where the seller may be able to call on the help of their surveyor, who conducts the Single Survey, to help provide an answer to at least some of the questions.
For example, a surveyor will be able to note whether the seller installed replacement windows or built an extension. Do note sellers whom have carried out work that would usually require consent need to be able to present their building warrants, planning consent and completion certificates.
There is a large element of trust in the answers given in the Property Questionnaire as surveyors will check their own findings against the answers in the questionnaire before the Single Survey is officially signed off and conveyancing solicitors will be relying upon the answers provided.


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