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Moving to Boston

View our concise guide to moving home abroad to Boston, Massachusetts. Helpful advice from the different local areas of the city to shipping your items to your new home in Boston.

Moving to, USA

Letter of Recommendation for Visa - What is it?

If you are currently in the UK and are applying for a visa to live and work in another country, it may be necessary to obtain and provide a copy of a letter of recommendation alongside the other documentation required to process your application.

Moving Abroad

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Moving Abroad

Moving to live overseas can be a great adventure, but there’s no denying the opportunity for calamity when things go wrong. We’re all capable of making mistakes and forgetting small details when focused on the bigger picture … and when moving abroad the fallout of those mistakes can vary from minor inconvenience to inescapable disaster!

Moving Abroad

Moving to Brisbane

If you've decided to move to Australia for the desirable weather, Brisbane, capital of the Sunshine State, is an attractive choice. Find out about moving abroad to Brisbane, and what to consider when moving to Australia.

Moving to, Australia

Moving to Melbourne Guide

Why move to Melbourne? Apart from the climate, culture and the fact that it's won 'most liveable city' for the seventh year in a row. We've got tips and tricks to make your house move to Melbourne as easy as possible.

Moving to, Australia

Protection Against Loss or Damage During International Moves

If you are moving from the UK to live overseas – either on a short-term basis or permanently – then it’s important to know whether your furniture and other belongings are protected against loss or damage while in transit.

Moving Abroad

Moving to Perth

Planning a house move abroad to Perth, Australia? Take a look at our guide to life in Perth. Helpful advice from shipping your items overseas to selecting a location to move to.

Moving to, Australia

Must You Be Present for Customs Clearance?

Find out whether you will need to be present at customs for your items to pass through customs and continue their journey to your new home abroad.

Moving Abroad

How Long Does it Take to Move Internationally?

If you're moving to a new home abroad, you're likely to want to take your belongings with you. Find out about the length of time it takes to move internationally, and how the method of shipping your items can affect how long your move takes.

Moving Abroad