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Moving to Ottawa

A guide to moving overseas to the Canadian capital of Ottawa. Important information you'll need to know about living in Ottawa, from the local language to the weather.

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Moving to Montreal

Moving abroad to Montreal? Our guide to moving house to Montreal provides helpful advice to prepare you for your new life in the second largest city in Canada.

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How to get an Australian visa

Before beginning your new life in Australia, you'll need to organise a visa. Find out about the different options available for getting an Australian visa.


Moving to Florida

Moving abroad to Florida? Make sure your international house move to the Sunshine State goes to plan by reading a few more helpful tips about where and how to settle into Florida life.

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Moving to Europe Guide

Moving to Europe may seem like a huge task, especially if you’ve never moved abroad before or are moving with children and pets. This guide will ensure your relocation overseas is plain sailing.

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Can I Move Food Across Countries?

There are various reasons why you might want to take food from one country to another. Here are some guidelines for the three most common destinations – EU countries, Australia and the United States.

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Moving to Los Angeles

If you're considering moving home to Los Angeles in Southern California, our guide to relocating overseas to LA can provide you with all the information you'll need to ensure your move abroad is successful.

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Moving to Toronto

Toronto is a popular city for expats moving overseas to Canada. If you've selected Toronto to be the destination for your move abroad, check out our guide for the important facts of living in Toronto.

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