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10 money saving tips for moving house

Buying a new property and moving home is a notoriously expensive time, but there are aspects of a house move that you can reduce your outgoings on. Discover our 10 simple ways to save money on your house move.

10 money saving tips for moving house

There are many large expenses when buying and moving into a new home, and during this demanding time it is easy to lose track of additional outgoings and spend money where you don’t have to, thinking it may save hassle and stress.

We have 10 great money saving tips that prove that, if you stay organised, it is possible to keep costs to a minimum and save money on your house move.

1. Purge your possessions

Sorting through all of your belongings and getting rid of those you do not wish to take with you is a great way to save you money on your house move. This can be a time-consuming activity, especially when the nostalgia kicks in, so give yourself enough time to get this completed.

Removal quotes are calculated by assessing the volume of items that need to be moved, so by purging your possessions in advance of your removal company’s pre-move survey, you should reduce the cost of your moving service. It will also make packing a simpler, quicker task.

You may have items that you no longer need, but are still in perfectly good working order. This offers an opportunity to even be able to make some money on your unwanted items if you choose to sell them on.

2. Compare quotes

Comparing quotes for your moving services, such as conveyancing solicitors, a house survey and removals, can help you find companies that offer the greatest value for money.

reallymoving.com has an extensive network of professionals which allows you to instantly compare the prices of moving home services, so you can decide which company is best for you and your budget.

Make sure, when comparing your quotes, you mention all your requirements to your moving services company, to ensure all of the aspects you require are included in the price and you are comparing like for like quotes.


Use our cost of moving house calculator to work out how much it will cost for you to move house


3. Book moving services early

Finding the best deal for the moving services you need is best achieved by comparing quotes and booking your companies in advance, as moving companies get very busy and will charge more the later you leave it.

Not only will it give you more opportunity to budget for these outgoings, it will also allow the companies you are using to confirm your requirements in full and ensure the service you are receiving takes them all into account. Booking your moving services early will significantly reduce the likelihood of last minute additions to your bill and give you plenty of time to determine what you would like included in your service.

4. Use a moving checklist

Being aware of all aspects involved in a house move and planning in advance will help you keep on top of your finances during this process. Using a moving checklist is a great way to do this.

Staying organised when moving house will ensure that, when it comes to your moving date, everything will be packed, prepared and ready to go. Leaving tasks to the last minute and holds ups on the day often means having to pay premium prices, so by using a moving checklist you will know all jobs will be complete before your moving day.

5. Ask for help

For aspects of your house move you could do yourself, ask your friends and family if they can help you.

Doing your own packing and dismantling of furniture will save your money on your removals, and asking your friends to provide you with assistance will make sure you are not compromising other tasks to do this, as packing up all of your belongings can take a number of days. Your removal company should be happy to offer you advice and tips for packing and dismantling your items.

If you require your washing machine disconnected professionally, it can be expensive to hire a plumber. However, if you know a handyman who’s useful around the house then asking them to help you out can reduce your outgoings a considerable amount.

You could also save money on a professional cleaning service for both your current and new house by asking your friends if they are available to help out on your moving day.

6. Get a house survey

An independent house survey from a Chartered Surveyor will investigate the condition of the property you are purchasing, and could save you a significant sum of money in repair bills should the house survey reveal any problems that may be costly to remedy if they are left any longer to treat.

Additionally, your survey report may allow you to negotiate on the purchase price of the property, or for the remedial work to be completed before you move in. 

7. Be creative with meal plans

Rather than having to throw out a fridge freezer full of food you have spent money on, make an inventory of all the food you have to consume before moving house and see how you can create an inventive meal plan for the weeks running up to your house move.

Similarly, by making the most of the food you already have in your house, you will save money on eating out or the takeaways you would otherwise have had.

8. Use second hand boxes

Collecting second hand packing boxes is a great way to save money on your house move. There are many places you can acquire boxes, such as supermarkets, but it is best to ask your removal company if they can lend you boxes, as then you can be confident that they are a professional standard.

You could also use your towels and bedding to pack your items to save money on packaging supplies. You will be taking these to your new home anyway, and it may even save you some space and time for your move.

9. Review utility bills

Staying with the same utility providers may mean you are not getting the best deal, so moving house offers a good opportunity to compare the available products and find a more cost-effective option for your new home.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay an exit fee if you are cancelling a contract before the end date; you should take this into account when calculating the savings you would make with a different provider.

10. Avoid costly phone numbers

Moving home often brings with it many phone calls to companies to change your details on their systems. Avoiding business and premium rate numbers such as those starting with 0843, 0870 and 09 is a good way to reduce your costs when moving house.

See if there are any alternative telephone numbers for the companies you need to contact that don’t include additional charges, or request for a member of their team to give you a call back.

If you are moving home in London, we have a comprehensive range of advice articles and tips to help you during each stage of your house move in London, from deciding on a location to your London removals day. Visit our dedicated London moving pages for more information.

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    posted on 21 Jan 2017

    Great post! Moving to a new home can certainly prove to be a demanding experience. The amount of investment required both in terms of time and money can certainly be daunting. I think following these tips will definitely help you to save those expenses. Thanks!

    Valerie Walker

    posted on 1 Jun 2017

    Very helpful. Thanks


    posted on 21 Jul 2017

    I should say you had done a Excellent job, I am appreciating all your efforts. Thanks a lot for your writing.

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