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5 top tips to make moving day smooth

Moving day has arrived! Hurrah! But if you're feeling a little less 'jumping for joy', and a little more 'quaking in fear', check out our top tips to make sure your moving day is as easy as can be.

5 top tips to make moving day smooth

Given adequate preparation, your moving day can be fun; you jump into your car, close the door on your old life and head towards your new place filled with excitement. This is especially true if you have enlisted the help of an experienced, skilled removal company for your house move.

We post a great deal about how to prepare properly in the run up to removals day, but what about when it comes to the moving day itself? Is there anything you need to do on the big day to help things run smoothly?

Here are five key tips for an easy and enjoyable removals day:

Prepare the car in your house

This may sound odd but it doesn’t mean what it sounds like! It means preparing what would go in your car and leaving it in one of your main rooms, for example the living room. This way you don’t have to worry about the insurance risk of leaving your car packed overnight but will benefit from being able to load the car very easily on the morning of removals day. Make sure your important documents and valuables – such as jewellery – are easily recognisable and secured.

The items listed in our Moving Day Survival Kit offer a good guide of what to keep with you on the day of your house move.

Stay secure

Moving day can be a security risk as your doors and windows will be open and you’ll have many people coming and going. It can be a good idea to have someone stationed at the major exits as a security measure although if this is unfeasible you could secure all valuables away from public view and keep them with you at all times. Keeping your valuables and important items at a friend’s house in advance of the move is also a way to mitigate risk.

Keep pets at a family member’s house

Moving with pets isn’t impossible, but it’s not that easy and it may complicate matters on moving day if your pet is a bad traveller or reacts badly to the upheaval at your old or new house. Keeping them at a family member’s house not only reduces the risk of them getting upset but also makes the journey less stressful for you. Once you’ve arrived at your new house, or once you’ve unpacked the majority of your belongings, you can pick your pet up and settle them into your house far more easily.

Get by with a little help from your friends

Friends are like gold dust on moving day and the more you have around the more secure you’ll feel. It can be tough at first when you have a removals team coming and going and removing all your possessions, but having friends around you to help you feel safer and more at ease is a great way to help the day go smoothly. They can also help out with practical issues, such as loading the car or dealing with your kids, and may be able to provide accurate directions or deal with any last minute issues that would overwhelm you if you were on your own.

Take a break and make eating easy

Cooking and preparing food is a big ‘no no’ on removals day – you simply won’t have the time. Prepare some sandwiches the night before, the more the better really, and ensure you take them with you when it’s time to get into the car. The same goes for dinner when you get to your new house – if you can simply heat up a pre-made dish, things will be much easier for you, particularly if you have a family. Or even better, order a takeaway! Less clearing up, and no need to worry if you can't find the box with your cutlery and crockery! Make sure the kettle, mugs, milk, tea, coffee and biscuits are packed separately, so you have easy access to them. Unloading is enough - you'll probably need a caffeine break before all the unpacking and organising starts!

Updated October 2017

Comments (3)

  • liza

    posted on 17 Jul 2013

    These tips are really great, i am glad to found this post keep posting.

    Sean Goodall

    posted on 25 Oct 2017

    Great post, worked in removals for a long time and being prepared and organised really is the key to keeping stress to a minimum on moving day!


    posted on 1 Jul 2019

    Great tips, just made me calm down and realise I'm not as disorganised as I thought I was. Had made lists (and lists, and check box lists and copies of the lists) and have covered everything you guys mentioned - even have directions to the local for when we move. Now I feel I can breath and maybe enjoy move day. Thank you

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