Moving mistakes to avoid

When moving home, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. To help ease the pain, we thought it would be useful to highlight some of the mistakes that can happen but you can avoid with a little knowledge.

Moving mistakes to avoid


 1.  The removals van turns up and it’s tiny.

Always, always, always get your removal company to visit your property and survey all the possessions you want to move in advance of your moving date. They can’t be expected to send the correct size vehicle if you have hidden half of your possessions in a shed so that you get a cheaper removals quote.

2.  The removals lorry cannot park outside your home

You cannot expect your removals team to carry the contents of your home further than is absolutely necessary. Speak to the removal company to ensure they will contact your local council to get parking bays suspended for the duration of your move. If they can’t, then you will have to arrange this.

3.  The removals crew will not move your dishwasher or washing machine if still connected

Removals men are NOT plumbers. They should not be expected to de-install washing machines or dishwashers.  If you are concerned about this, ask your removal company in advance as they may have a suitably qualified member of staff who can undertake this job for you.

4.  Your removals crew load up your possessions then ask for an extra sum of money for some spurious reason

Not good, not professional and the last thing you need is to have your possessions held to ransom. Ensure that you have a water tight contract with your removal company, with a price agreed for the correct size of move and that nothing else has been left to chance, such as petrol money, insurance, packing boxes, parking permits, waiting time penalties etc.

5.  You can’t get your wardrobe or bed through the door

If you built your flat pack furniture in situ, then remember it may well have to be disassembled in situ. Speak to your removal company to see whether they offer this service. They may be able to remove a window frame to accommodate the piece of furniture. If not, you’ll have to get your allen key out and do it yourself. 

6.  The removal company get lost/can’t access your new home

Don’t forget to ensure the removal company have the full address of your new home, including postcode and your mobile phone number to call in case of problems. There will need to be someone at the new property with a SET OF KEYS so that your removals team can keep working to get you settled into your new home.

7.  Forgetting to check your insurance

Breakages do happen, even with the best removal companies, so check you are fully insured. Your removals company may be able to recommend an insurer, or your household insurance may be increased to cover the move. If something is broken during the move, take photos so you have a record and alert the movers immediately. 

8.  Packing the kettle

You’ll need the kettle and other essential goods available during the day. Have a stack of disposable cups so you can supply teas, coffees and biscuits to your family AND the moving team. As it’s one of the last things you pack, it should also be to hand at your new home.

9.  Forgetting to set aside overnight bags

Even if you are moving straight into your new home, it is easiest if everyone has clean overnight clothes and outfits for the next day easily available. You don’t want to be rifling through boxes looking for toothbrushes and pyjamas late at night. This also applies to ensuring your pets have their essential supplies to hand.

10.  Not using a removal company at all

Ask anyone who has done this one, and they won’t be doing it again. Removals people are skilled at knowing how to fit furniture together in a small space (i.e. a van), and assessing the volume of possessions. They are also trained at lifting awkward, heavy items, and are well equipped with moving gear and packing supplies. Get your removals quotes and spend your money on a professional removals team rather than months of chiropractor appointments.


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