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What To Do When A Survey Reveals Woodworm

When a survey comes back with a surprising list of issues, it may put you off the house purchase completely. What can you do if you find woodworm in your potential property?

Renegotiating House Offers After a Survey

A building survey can often find problems that may reveal a lot about the value of a property. But how do you decide if you want to change your initial offer after receiving yours, and how do you negotiate?

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Snagging vs. Punch List: Key Differences Explained

When purchasing a new build home, you may hear both the term snagging list and punch list used by the developers. Know the difference to help avoid confusion.

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What To Include on a Snagging List

When inspecting your new build home, you can compile a list of ‘snags’ that need fixing before you move in. Here's what you should be looking out for when making your snagging list.

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Disagree With a Valuation? Here's What to Do

Getting a valuation that isn’t as high as you expected can be shock, but what can you do about it?


Understanding Different Property Surveys

The RICS offers three different levels of survey, each one more specialised or suited for a particular type of home. If you are buying a home, it will be helpful to know what each type of survey includes.

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Inside a Property Valuation: What to Expect

Not all surveyors and estate agents will conduct a valuation in the same way, but there are some basic rules that they’ll follow.


Guide to Help to Buy Valuations

Whether you’re selling a property that you bought using a Help to Buy Equity Loan, or you just want to pay back the loan whilst staying where you are, you’ll need to get a valuation.


When to Get a Property Valuation

Wondering if you need a property valuation? Here are some circumstances where it’s necessary.