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Do I need a Damp survey?

Get the facts on structural damp, the types of damp that may be present in a home and why it’s important to get a survey before purchasing a house.

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Avoid winter damage to your property

Top tips on how to prevent damage to your home caused by wintry weather.

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How to prepare your home for a survey

Find out how to get your home ready in preparation for a survey.

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Asbestos surveys

Despite the obvious risk to health, asbestos in properties is probably more common than you think.

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How to complain about your Chartered Surveyor

Here's what you can do if you are unhappy with your surveyor.

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Plants and trees that your surveyor will check out

It is important to ensure your Chartered Surveyor is aware of any plants and trees that may cause structural damage or pose a danger.

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Why use a RICS surveyor?

Buying a home? Find out how you can benefit from the expert guidance of a RICS Registered Surveyor for your house survey.

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What is a HomeBuyers Survey (Level 2)?

Learn about what a HomeBuyers Survey (Level 2) includes and find out when you might need one.

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Survey or valuation - which do I need?

You’ve probably heard of surveys and valuations, but what are they and which one do you need?

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