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Identifying Concrete Type in Your House

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We've been asked by a prospective buyer's mortgage broker to find out what type of concrete build our house is. When we bought it, the surveyor stated that it's Bison in situ concrete poured with concrete cladding. Built in 1969. There are apparently 5 types of Bison concrete builds and this isn't one of them. How do I find out which it is please?


There are many types of concrete and steel structured system-built houses, these sometimes appearing similar.
A manufacturer’s name is often attributed if it appears typical of a certain brand, with names sometimes quoted much as one may use the term “Hoover” to vacuum the floor.
From visible inspection it can sometimes be impossible to attribute to a specific builder, but this is perhaps not necessary as it is the structure that is actually important rather than the maker. A further conversation with the broker to clarify the precise needs behind this request maybe helpful, though the background is likely that many providers will not lend on such properties. 
A bespoke Building Survey by a specialist surveyor familiar with these specific construction types can not only describe the construction in detail, but warn of any inherent defects relevant and advise on future maintenance issues. Ask the broker if this will allay lender’s concerns.
(N.B. Such a specialist Building Survey may cost more than a standard online quote).

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John Lewis

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I would like to thank the survey for pointing out defects which would of cost me massive amounts of money, I did pull out of the property but the money paid for the surgery saved me thousands on repairs.

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