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Missed in a Survey? Know Your Protections

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I’ve had my offer accepted on a house and I am now at the stage of getting a house survey. If I get a HomeBuyer Report, what protection or cover do I have if something serious is missed in the survey, for example a structural failure? Thank you for your help.


All Chartered Surveyors are bound by strict rules of professional conduct in order to be members of the Royal Institution. One of the requirements of membership is that a member shall maintain a policy of Professional Indemnity Insurance from an RICS approved insurer to protect members of the public engaging a Chartered Surveyor's services from professional negligence.

When engaging a Chartered Surveyor you should ask what level of cover the practice maintains, to ensure that they have sufficient cover level to cover the value of the property and you may wish to also enquire whether the practice operates a liability cap.

Please also bear in mind, that surveyors do not have X Ray vision nor do we have crystal balls - and we can only comment on the condition of a property at the time we see it and you should read and fully understand the scope and limitations of the RICS Homebuyers survey Report fully, as the inspection and report will be carried out in accordance with this scope.

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We have a helpful article about how to complain about your Chartered Surveyor for advice when you are not happy with the service you have received for your house survey.

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