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Are estate agent referral fees about to be banned?

It’s become clear that the British public have had enough when it comes to the complexities and costs of buying a home. Especially when they're not transparent.

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3 household spirits who are up to mischief

Whether you’ve used a ouija board or wandered into an abandoned mansion with a terrible past, the idea of spirits living in properties has always fascinated us.

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Conservative Party conference – housing policy review

The Prime Minister's address at the Conservative conference in Manchester earlier this month contained a number of key policy announcements on housing. 

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5 Unluckiest Friday 13th Property Fails (and how to avoid them)

Buying a home can be downright terrifying – the money, the time, the stress. But this Friday the 13th, we explore the 5 unluckiest things that can happen to a home buyer, and what you can do about them.

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UK university towns witness house price boom in last three years

Britain is filled with buzzing university towns – provincial, suburban locations where hundreds of thousands of students head to study each year.
​Many of these areas are also witnessing booming house prices, with new research by high street lender Halifax revealing that property prices in university towns in the UK rose by an average of more than 22% over the three years of a degree course.  

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“A Verulam reallymoving domination”: The Verulam reallymoving Racing Team on their success this season

reallymoving is proud to support the Verulam reallymoving Racing Team. Formed only this year from the Verulam Cycling Club (VCC), the racing team have been winning and exceeding their own expectations non-stop. We caught up with Coach Marcel Six, and Chairman Doug Driscoll, to ask them about their achievements this season.

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Is Japanese knotweed standing in the way of your dream home?

The dreaded plant is invasive, quick and destructive - but there's no reason to let it stop you from buying your dream property. Our guest post from Environet can tell you why...


99 Days Til Christmas – Can You Move Home Before The Holidays?

It might feel like an impossible task, trying to sell your home before Christmas is upon us, but at reallymoving we know that being in your new home for the holidays can be important. We have a collection of tips and tricks to get you eating mince pies in your new property quicker than Santa wriggles down a chimney.

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The effect of school catchments on property purchases

It's that time of the year again – back to school season. Little ones, and not so little ones, have in the last few weeks been returning to infants, primary or secondary schools in their droves after the long summer break. 

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