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First Time Buyers - Danielle's story

We're always eager to hear about how real people bought their first home and what worked for them.
This week, we're featuring Danielle, who was able to buy her first home on her own, after initially planning to buy with a partner. Here's her story:

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Is it a good time to be a First Time Buyer?

One of the biggest worries faced when buying a home is whether it's a good time to do so. This can be especially hard for those buying for the first time.

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Residential Property Developer Tax – what do we know about it?

A look at the new Residential Property Developer Tax and what it means for housing.

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A nightmare on Elm Street – what are the spookiest UK street names?

Halloween is here. But what are the spookiest street names in Britain?

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Autumn Budget – what did Sunak reveal about housing?

What does the Autumn 2021 Budget mean for housing?


What does banks buying properties to rent out mean for First Time Buyers?

A look at the recent trend for banks purchasing properties to rent out and what it means for First Time Buyers.

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What should FTBs expect from the market at the end of the year and what will 2022 bring?

An exploration of the outlook for First Time Buyers for the rest of the year and into 2022.

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Michael Gove replaces Robert Jenrick as Housing Secretary

An analysis of the recent Government reshuffle and the appointment of a new Housing Secretary in the form of Michael Gove.


Cryptocurrency – can you buy a house using it?

A look into the world of cryptocurrency and buying houses, we ask whether it’s even possible in the majority of cases, given the extra risks at play with Bitcoin.

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