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Coronavirus impact – what does property buying look like now?

Reallymoving analyses what property buying looks like for purchasers in the ‘new normal’, from virtual viewings and social distancing to an increase in digital checks.

June 2020

What impact has the lockdown had on First Time Buyers?

Reallymoving takes a look at what impact the lockdown has had on First Time Buyers, what the post-lockdown market might look like and whether homes will be more affordable.

June 2020

Return to homebuying in England after lockdown – update

Last night a government statement lifted lockdown on the moving home process in England, meaning that those buying and selling can continue, or begin, their home moves. The government have outlined social distancing rules for each stage of the process.


FAQs - After Exchange

You should be moving into your new home, but you're in lockdown. Our property experts answer your questions.

April 2020

FAQs – Before Exchange

You've been in the process of buying but you haven't reached the exchange part yet - what should you be doing during this time?


FAQs: Preparing for your move during lockdown

 You’re following the rules and staying home, but you want to get your move on the road. Here are our top questions about what you can do during the lockdown to prepare for your move.


FAQs: Mortgages and Lending

We know that one of the main concerns for those planning on moving right now is mortgage offers - so we asked our property experts to answer your questions.


What qualifies as an essential move?

The government has said that ‘essential’ home moves can still go ahead – but does this apply to you?


What can we do now to be in the best position when this ends?

You may not be able to move house during lockdown, but you don’t have to just do nothing.