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Should I still move home during the 2020 pandemic?

You're eager to move, but you're stuck in lockdown. Should your home move go ahead?


Advice for home movers during the CV-19 crisis

The Coronavirus crisis has left many people who are moving home feeling worried, particularly after the Government’s announcement of a UK-wide lockdown. We've collected some practical tips and advice about what to expect for people at all stages of the home move process


What did Rishi Sunak’s first Budget mean for housing?

Reallymoving explores the latest Budget – the first by new Chancellor Rishi Sunak – and what it means from a housing perspective.

March 2020

Déjà vu! Government reshuffle leads to yet another Housing Minister

We analyse the latest government reshuffle, which saw the position of Housing Minister change hands yet again – for the tenth time in 10 years, in fact.

February 2020

First Homes - what is the government's latest housing scheme all about?

We take a look at the government's newest planned housing scheme - First Homes - and analyse what it's all about and its potential pros and cons.

February 2020

What does the Law Commission's report mean for leasehold reform?

The Law Commission, one of the leading voices for leasehold reform, recently published its much-anticipated report setting out options for the government to cut the price payable by leaseholders to buy the freehold or extend the lease of their homes.

January 2020

Small but sleek – downsizing for a more luxurious life

Whilst there are multiple reasons people resist downsizing, it’s one of the decisions that can often give you a new lease on life. Here’s how choosing a smaller space can give you a bigger life.

December 2019

10 things you can do today to be a homeowner in 2020

If the festive season has left you dreaming of a space of your own, we’ve got a selection of top tips to get you started on your journey to home ownership.

December 2019

New surveys from RICS – what do you need to know?

In November, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) launched a new Home Survey Standard in a bid to improve and speed up the house moving process.

December 2019