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What can we do now to be in the best position when this ends?

You may not be able to move house during lockdown, but you don’t have to just do nothing.


What are the home moving industry bodies saying during the coronavirus lockdown?

Reallymoving analyses what the home moving industry bodies – from RICS to the Law Society – are saying during the coronavirus lockdown, and what the official government line is.


How are tenants and landlords affected during Coronavirus?

As much as buying and selling property is affected by the spread of coronavirus, the lettings market is seeing some disruption too.


How are lenders, brokers, agents, legal companies, surveyors and removal companies protecting consumers during Coronavirus?

The property industry is doing everything it can to abide by government guidelines whilst trying to make sure those that absolutely need to move are still getting a great service.


What if I lose my job and can’t afford my mortgage or rent?

Whether you're a homeowner or a tenant, the idea of being financially insecure during a pandemic can be scary. Here's what you need to know about your mortgage or tenancy during lockdown.


Will my purchase or sale go ahead during the Coronavirus outbreak?

With the government and the NHS asking us to stay at home, many people are asking if it is still possible to move. Property expert Kate Faulkner is here to tell you what your options are.


Should I still move home during the 2020 pandemic?

You're eager to move, but you're stuck in lockdown. Should your home move go ahead?


Advice for home movers during the CV-19 crisis

The Coronavirus crisis has left many people who are moving home feeling worried, particularly after the Government’s announcement of a UK-wide lockdown. We've collected some practical tips and advice about what to expect for people at all stages of the home move process


What did Rishi Sunak’s first Budget mean for housing?

Reallymoving explores the latest Budget – the first by new Chancellor Rishi Sunak – and what it means from a housing perspective.

March 2020