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How to save for a deposit over Christmas

The festive season is almost upon us, and it seems to start earlier every year. But is it really possible to carry on saving for your deposit without becoming a Scrooge?

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Here's how raffles are helping people to buy and sell homes

When most of us think of raffles, we think of charity dinners, school fêtes and money-raising initiatives at sports events. Now, though, new online property competition platforms have been launched that give would-be buyers the chance to win a home for just £2. 

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9 brilliant property websites and apps that make moving easier

Moving has always been considered stressful and overwhelming – and with good reason. But technology offers us a whole bunch of new ways to hack the housebuying process, and we’ve rounded up the top 9 tech wonders that will help you move from stressed to impressed.

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National Organising Week Special: How to clear the clutter

This week marks National Organising Week, a campaign by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, inviting the UK to enjoy the benefits of getting more organised. We’ve asked APDO member, Helen Cousins of Fresh Spaces to show us how we can improve our organisation when it comes to moving house.


How helpful is Help-to-Buy?

With the news from the Conservative Party Conference that the Prime Minister has pledged £10 billion to the Help to Buy Scheme, with the goal of helping 135,000 first time buyers get on the ladder, we decided it was time to look at the practicality of the system.

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New home rituals for Halloween

You’ve done the hard stuff – you’ve found a conveyancing solicitor, you’ve picked a property, had it surveyed, made an offer, and had it accepted. Now you’re standing on the precipice of the house that will become your home. 

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Are estate agent referral fees about to be banned?

It’s become clear that the British public have had enough when it comes to the complexities and costs of buying a home. Especially when they're not transparent.

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3 household spirits who are up to mischief

Whether you’ve used a ouija board or wandered into an abandoned mansion with a terrible past, the idea of spirits living in properties has always fascinated us.

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Conservative Party conference – housing policy review

The Prime Minister's address at the Conservative conference in Manchester earlier this month contained a number of key policy announcements on housing. 

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