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House Price Forecast – July 2019 Update shows 1.2% growth in property prices

The reallymoving House Price Forecast is updated monthly, assessing changes in house prices across the UK. This July we can see the forecast indicates a 1.2% rise in prices in England and Wales in the next 3 months.

July 2019

How much do first-time buyers need to earn to afford a home?

We all know that first-time buyers spend years saving deposits to get on the property ladder. But how much does the average first-time buyer actually need to be earning before home ownership becomes a realistic goal?

July 2019

5 pitfalls of not getting a property survey

If there are problems with your potential property, a survey will find them. But there’s more to getting a survey than that – here are 5 things you’d be missing out on by forgetting the survey.

Surveys, Surveying Process

Movers of the Year Awards 2019

For the second year running, we’re delighted to congratulate our partner for their win at the BAR conference.


Our new House Price Forecast suggests prices will increase in the next 3 months

Reallymoving’s new house price forecast uses quote form data to show how property prices are increasing across the country in the next three months.

June 2019

What are the rules for letting a property to family?

It might seem that letting your property to family members is simple, but it can be more complicated than you think. Here we consider the issues around letting to relatives.

Conveyancing, Conveyancing Advice

What to do when a survey reveals woodworm

When a survey comes back with a surprising list of issues, it may put you off the house purchase completely. We discuss what to do if you find woodworm in your potential property.

Surveys, Surveying Advice, Surveying Process

Can blockchain speed up the conveyancing process?

With more research going into speeding up the conveyancing process, we ask whether blockchain is really the answer.

Conveyancing, Conveyancing Process

Property ownership - is the system weighted against leaseholders?

With concerns around the purchase of leasehold, and the call for reform growing louder, we consider whether the housing system is weighted against leaseholders.

April 2019