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Our Home Move Story: Buying a house as a lesbian couple

We spoke to Emma about her experiences of buying a house with her girlfriend, and what her advice is for anyone whose house move is made more difficult because of who they are.

August 2019

How to prepare your property for letting

If you’re about to be a landlord (or you want to freshen up your property to make it appealing) then have a look at these simple ways to improve your property and get it let out promptly.

August 2019

When do I need to worry about Building Regulations?

Whether you're buying a property that has had significant building work done to it, or you're making changes to your existing home, you're likely to need to know about building regulations. 

August 2019

House Price Forecast – August 2019 figures show the increase in house prices is set to continue

The latest figures from our House Price Forecast show that the increase in house prices will continue into the Autumn, with annual growth set to hit 3.1% in September and 2.8% in October.

August 2019

Celebrating the release of our Stamp Duty Calculator

We’re pleased to announce the release of our Stamp Duty Calculator, designed to help you plan ahead and better work out your budget for buying a new home.

August 2019

Working group recommends major changes to estate agency regulation

The recent recommendations from the Regulation of Property Agents working group could have a transformative impact on estate and letting agency as we know it.

August 2019

House Price Forecast – July 2019 Update shows 1.2% growth in property prices

The reallymoving House Price Forecast is updated monthly, assessing changes in house prices across the UK. This July we can see the forecast indicates a 1.2% rise in prices in England and Wales in the next 3 months.

July 2019

How much do first-time buyers need to earn to afford a home?

We all know that first-time buyers spend years saving deposits to get on the property ladder. But how much does the average first-time buyer actually need to be earning before home ownership becomes a realistic goal?

July 2019

5 pitfalls of not getting a property survey

If there are problems with your potential property, a survey will find them. But there’s more to getting a survey than that – here are 5 things you’d be missing out on by forgetting the survey.

Surveys, Surveying Process