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*Based on reallymoving registrations for the 12 months to 30th June 2016

  • Average property price: £277,861
  • Average number of bedrooms: 3.00
  • reallymoving movers: 49
  • Average distance moved: 18 miles

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John W Davies Solicitors

3.3 out of 5.0 based on 2 reviews

Established in 1927 we have been serving the community with legal services which provide solutions to every day issues. We are the oldest law firm in the area that still has its original name. With offices in Newport and Chepstow we serve our clients from all over the UK. Because we specialise in a small area of work we ensure that we are specialists in what we do. Technology plays a big part in our overall business strategy to ensure we can continue to deliver a service that you deserve.

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