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*Based on reallymoving registrations for the 12 months to 30th June 2016

  • Average property price: £363,371
  • Average number of bedrooms: 2.30
  • reallymoving movers: 44
  • Average distance moved: 159 miles

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Furse Sanders Solicitors

New to reallymoving

With offices in Cornwall, Devon and London, we work with people from all walks of life who have strived to achieve something for themselves and their families, who want to feel they are in safe hands but they also want a much better service than they may have had before.

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Lambert Pugh

4.4 out of 5.0 based on 267 reviews

Our aim is to provide clients with a first class service at a very reasonable cost. We provide both a local and nationwide service, are CQS accredited and on the panels of all major lenders. There are no extra charges for acting in connection with your mortgage, preparing the Stamp Duty form or postages. A detailed quotation will be emailed to you shortly. All our fees are no completion, no fee.

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