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What is the Solicitors Regulation Authority?

The SRA is a regulatory body for solicitors, so you know you can trust the legal team you've chosen.

What is the Solicitors Regulation Authority?

What is the SRA?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is a regulatory body that makes sure solicitors in England and Wales are following the rules. They have the power to investigate any wrongdoing, give out sanctions and fines and even shut a firm down if they aren't doing a good job. The SRA also regulate the work of registered European lawyers and registered foreign lawyers.

On reallymoving, we only work with solicitors who are SRA registered, so that our customers can feel secure in the quality of their legal team. Our licensed conveyancers are regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).

How does the Solicitors Regulation Authority work?

The SRA is a board of nine solicitors and seven members who oversee day-to-day work. They are helped by the authority's 8 committees and groups, with 600 employees.

The SRA have a Code of Conduct, Standards and Regulations, and The Principles, which they expect all member firms to act in accordance with. 

The two main aims of the SRA are:
  • Protect the public, ensuring solicitors maintain high standards
  • Ensure solicitors act in the interest of consumers when risks are identified. 

Before January 2007, the SRA was known as the Law Society Regulation Board. The SRA is an independent regulatory body of the Law Society of England and Wales and operates within the objectives framework of the Legal Services Act 2007.

Find out more about the Solicitors Regulation Authority regulations.

How does the SRA hold solicitors to account?

If solicitors are found not to be following the regulations or code of conduct, the SRA will start with supervision.
This will include noting the number and nature of complaints, and offering advice. This information can come from members of the public or the Legal Ombudsman. They will advise over the phone or by letter/email, and if they don't see positive improvement, they will take enforcement action.

Enforcement action can include warnings, fines, limits on practice, restricting certain people from being employed, or shutting down a firm altogether. These sanctions are assessed on a number of factors, including patterns of behaviour, the number of complaints, evidence of deliberate intent and dishonesty, and more.

Why do reallymoving work with the Solicitors Regulation Authority?

When we recommend a legal firm for your conveyancing, we want you to feel confident in the quality and trustworthiness of your professional. That's why we do intensive credit checks, review analysis and much more when a firm joins our panel (find out more about our approval process). The SRA holds any legal firm who isn't doing a good job to account, and we will do the same.

So if you're looking for quotes from property solicitors, you can feel confident that everyone on reallymoving is a trustworthy professional, offering a great deal.

Updated September 2023 by Andi Forsythe

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