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    First Time Buyer Tips from Moving Experts

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 27th Mar, 2024

    We've been helping people move home for almost two decades - so we thought we'd grab some top tips from our partners to help those first time buyers.

    First Time Buyer Tips from Moving Experts

    Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

    The minute you tell anyone you’re buying a house, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the advice coming at you from all angles. As well intentioned as this advice usually is, it can be irrelevant, one-sided, and endless.
    As reallymoving have been helping people buy houses for almost 20 years, we thought we’d ask some of our expert partners in conveyancing, surveying and removals if they had any advice for first time buyers.

    Oliver Watkins, Yield-Up

    My advice to first time buyers would be:

    • Get a good flavour of the market you are looking to buy in; see as many properties as possible in your price range before deciding to make an offer.
    • Be ready to negotiate; the asking price of most properties is rarely final and vendors will always consider reasonable offers.    
    • Make sure to have a building survey carried out before exchanging on a property sale; it is always better to be safe than sorry when purchasing a home.

    Andy Greed from Camsure

    My advice to first time buyers would be:

    Buying your first property can be a potentially stressful time with continually evolving mortgage products, the proliferation of energy performance certificates and an often complicated legal process all adding to the confusion.

    It is vitally important to seek sound professional advice in all areas and this should include your choice of surveyor who can advise on the correct type of survey, who can complete the survey on your behalf and help to reassure you over your choice of acquisition.

    Dan Watkins, Connect2Law

    My advice to first time buyers would be:

    We’d advise all first time buyers to select their preferred conveyancing firm in parallel to viewing properties to buy. This will mean they are ready to give the estate agent their conveyancer’s details as soon as their offer on a property is accepted.

    Leaving the choice of conveyancer until after their offer is accepted will make the decision much more time-pressured and will lead to the loss of a few precious days early in the process.
    In terms of what sort of conveyancing firm to use, first time buyers will generally require more support through the process than a more experienced buyer and therefore they should make sure that they select a firm that has a strong focus on communication. At Connect2Law we make ourselves very available to clients to discuss their case, we avoid using legal jargon, and provide a state-of-the-art online portal tracking the progress of the client's case.

    Simon Batt from Colin Batt Removals

    My advice to first time buyers would be:

    Most people who are moving into their first house generally move themselves. First time buyers are on a budget and usually don’t have too much stuff to move. So a do-it-yourself move can be a great way to go. That said, there are a few top tips to help make the move go a little easier.

    Timing - you will generally get the keys to your new house early in the afternoon. Therefore, you need to take this into account for the move. 

    Volume - if you are using a small van you may need several trips. This can extend the day and make it more expensive in fuel. Also consider the size of your larger items - will these fit into a car or small van?

    Packing - it is worth buying proper removals packing materials e.g. boxes and tape etc. These materials are purpose built for moving, are strong enough, can be easily stacked and will protect your goods. Wine boxes and crisp boxes may seem a cheaper option but in the long run can be more time consuming and potentially lead to damages.

    Loading - you will need to find some blankets or other items to help protect your goods in the van. You should also procure some webbing to tie in the larger items to prevent movement when driving. These items do. It comes with a hire vehicle, so you will have to source these separately.

    Unpacking - this can take a while and a bit of prior planning can help. Label all your boxes clearly and if you can make an inventory of each box. This will help you put the boxes in the right rooms and find that item you need in an emergency. 

    Overall moving yourself as a first time buyer is a good value option but a professional company can always help and reduce the stress on moving day. Whatever option you choose your reputable local removals company can help with advice, packing materials and blankets etc.

    Matt Knight from We Remove and Store

    My advice to first time buyers would be:

    First time buyers do not usually have the pressure of moving in on the day of completion, because they’re often living with parents or renting. With that in mind, there should be less stress, as no one needs to immediately move into the property you’re vacating.

    It’s wise to move in a day or two after buying the place, leaving time to do DIY or clean while contents are out of the way. Removals companies can offer a more favourable deal because we can be sure we won’t lose time hanging around waiting for keys. If you’re moving a short distance, choosing not to move on completion day can also be an advantage, as your removals team can use the same vehicle and go back and forth, freeing up vehicles for other jobs, and saving you money!
    What would your first time buyer tips be? Or if you’re about to become a first time buyer, what are your main moving worries? Be sure to have a look at our First Time Buyer’s Guide and ‘Things I wish I knew’ article from recent first time buyers.

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