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    Do You Need Removals Insurance for Your Home Move?

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 26th Jun, 2024

    Reviewed by Emily Smith

    Your insurance firm may require an extra premium to cover you when you move house. This is called an ‘outside the home’ or ‘personal possessions’ supplement. But this can be less than the price of a takeaway meal!

    Do You Need Removals Insurance for Your Home Move?

    Do you need removal insurance?

    Yes, you will need moving insurance because you are entrusting your all-worldly goods into a large box on wheels. If something happens it is important that you are prepared and have your belongings insured.

    Do you need removals insurance if you already have home contents insurance? 

    You should first check your existing home insurance policy. Many contents insurance policies will cover your possessions in transit, but you must check that this is the case for you.

    Read your policy documents or call your insurance firm to ensure your belongings are covered whilst being transported.

    In addition to this, you can also ask your removal company about what their moving insurance policies cover. Sometimes moving insurance can be increased, so it's a good idea to check this too.

    Ask your removal company about their insurance policies

    Check that they are fully insured - they should happily show you copies of their policy details. All the removal companies registered with reallymoving have the relevant removals insurance. So, when you get your quotes for removals you can have the peace of mind that your belongings will be covered during transit.

    Many home insurance policies will cover accidental damage or loss if you are using a professional removals team. There can often be a time limit applied to your claim. So again, read the small print so that you can make any necessary claims without being penalised.

    Remember to ask what the excess on the policy is. This usually starts around £50.

    Many removal companies have insurance cover as part of their contract with you

    If this is the case, have a look at the limit on claims as this can be surprisingly low. Your removals company should have goods in transit insurance which covers your items whilst they are being moved. However, this is usually only covered for around £40-£50.

    Getting your goods valued is a good idea, particularly precious or valuable items. Valuing your belongings will help you discover whether you need to take out any additional moving insurance cover.

    Discuss the insurance options available with your removal company. They may be able to increase the levels of cover if necessary. Again, check exactly what is covered including:

    • Scuffs, scrapes, or dents
    • Financial documents such as deeds, stamps, bonds
    • If your house move is covered should weather conditions deteriorate or cause long delays

    You should ensure that you know if your policy requires the completion of an inventory of items to be moved. You should also include their values.

    Getting the details of the insurance coverage your moving company offers in writing is important. Make sure to determine what the moving insurance entitles you to should you need to make a claim. Is it a replacement, repair, or financial compensation?

    If you have packed yourself...

    Many insurance companies will not cover you for loss or damage if you packed the boxes yourself. Your boxes need to be professionally packed. If not, damage to your goods cannot be validated and your claim is at risk of being refused.

    Should you use a professional removals company? 

    Using a professional moving company is convenient and can save you time. Moving home can be stressful enough, and having professionals arrange the details of the move can make things much simpler for you.
    Additionally, many removal companies offer a packing service. Be sure to mention that this is something you require to your removals service during your early discussions.

    Before your move, check with your removal firm on all these points to ensure that you have the sufficient removals insurance.

    For a professional removal company with the appropriate removals insurance and the expert skill to pack your belongings safely and securely, you can get quotes for removals here at reallymoving

    Removals insurance FAQs

    What insurance do you need when moving house? 

    You should check your home contents policy to see if you are already covered for goods-in-transit insurance as this is vital when you are moving house.

    It’s important to note that a professional removals company must transport your belongings to be eligible for this coverage.

    Is it worth paying for moving insurance?

    If you do not already have contents insurance that covers moving house, then it’s crucial that you get removals insurance.

    Do removal companies have insurance?

    Yes, professional removal companies will have their own insurance. Many removal companies will have insurance cover as part of their contract with you. It’s important that you check with them what this covers as the limit on claims can be surprisingly low.

    What does removals insurance cover?

    You should check your insurance policy for what you are covered for in case you need to add additional cover.
    Removals insurance will usually cover:
    • Damage when packing
    • Damage when in transit
    • Theft or attempted theft
    • Collisions/crashes with other vehicles
    • Damage due to bad weather

    Does house insurance cover moving house?

    It will depend on your individual home content policy if you are covered for moving. You should check with your insurance provider if you are already covered or if this is something that you are able to add on to your policy

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