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5 tips to help with moving house

Improve the organisation of your house move with these straightforward tips to get you going in the right direction

5 tips to help with moving house

Choose a moving date

The date of your move is dictated by the contract completion date. Plan well in advance for this date, as removal companies and cleaners can be hard to come by at short notice.

Before exchanging contracts, check the agreed date is suitable for you. Common choices include:

  • Friday - this gives you the whole weekend to unpack, but ensure all your services will be switched on as a weekend without power and heating is a poor way to start life in your new property
  • School holidays - allows the kids to get used to an area before starting a new school
  • End of the month - which means there is usually a bit of spare cash around for those extra expenses
  • Bank holiday - the extra day can be invaluable

Compare quotes for removal companies in your area to save money on your move


Stagger your move

Coinciding the purchase and sale of a house move - or ending a lease on the purchase date - is popular, but you may want to think about staggering this by completing your purchase a few days before you make your sale. This offers significant help when moving house:

  • Clean the new house - it's not always easy to know whether the old occupants will clean the house appropriately
  • Get urgent deliveries - you may wish to get new items, such as washing machines, installed before you bring the rest of your belongings
  • Get connected - a few extra days can ensure your phone, electricity and gas are connected
  • Home improvements - if you leave it longer before you move into your new house you can arrange for home improvements to be completed in the interim

If you do need to stagger the dates, you may need to get a bridging loan - you should talk to your mortgage provider about this.

Move your belongings

Once you have bought your new home, you need to get all of your belongings moved from where you currently live.

  • Purge possessions - work out what you'll take with you and what you'll dispose of - auction sites such as eBay or Freecycle are great ways to get rid of what you don't need to save money on your move
  • List what you'll need - make a list of items you'll need to buy for your new house when you're settled in
  • Employer contributions - check to see whether your employer can cover removals costs
  • Book removals - approach a removal company well in advance. You can get removals quotes from up to 5 removal companies to and from anywhere in the UK with our quote engine

You may also wish to consider storage if you have a lot to move or if you have to vacate your current property before you can move into your new one.


Not sure what items to get rid of? Check out how to purge possessions when you move.


Get utilities connected

When you move home, you obviously have to contact the main services provided to your home, such as phone, gas, electricity and TV (cable or satellite) to get them disconnected and reconnected at your new property.

  • Contact providers - contact utilities providers at least 4 weeks before you move
  • Better deal - check comparison sites such as MoneySavingExpert to see if you can get a cheaper deal elsewhere
  • Meter readings - ensure you take meter readings before you leave your property

Inform companies and friends

There are so many people you may need to tell about your change of address, people often wonder whether it is worth moving at all!

  • Banks and building societies
  • Post Office
  • Local Education Authority
  • DVLA
  • TV Licensing
  • Doctors and Vets


Not sure who you should be contacting? Read our change of address checklist for a full breakdown of who you need to tell your new address to.




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