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    Do Removal Companies Provide Packing Boxes?

    By The reallymoving Team Updated 15th Mar, 2024

    You’ll need packing materials in order to pack well, but where do you get them from?

    Do Removal Companies Provide Packing Boxes?

    Packing can feel like a momentous task, and suddenly having to source all the supplies you need can feel daunting. Luckily there are plenty of ways to get what you need, even if you’re on a budget or have a time limit. 

    Packing boxes for moving house

    When you’re moving house you’ll need a range of packing supplies, including:
    • Duct tape for sealing boxes
    • Masking tape or sticker labels and marker pens for labelling boxes
    • Scissors or box cutters
    • Coloured markers or stickers for colour coding boxes by room
    • Packing material like bubble wrap – or you could use towels and bed linen if you have enough
    • Sack truck for moving large boxes or appliances
    • Rope or bungee cords
    You might already own some of these things, and if not they can either be purchased or hired. But most importantly, you’ll have to get your hands on lots of packing boxes.

    Removal packing boxes

    There are a number of options for sourcing your removal packing boxes, and the best option for you depends on what you’re moving, how much of it there is, and your budget.

    Save up your old boxes

    As soon as you decide to move house, stop throwing out boxes. Keep the packaging from deliveries – remember you’ll likely need boxes of all sizes – and start collecting them. Friends, family and neighbours could also send any packaging they acquire your way.

    Reuse other people’s boxes

    Imagine you’ve just moved house, you’ve got stacks and stacks of boxes that you don’t know what to do with – and then someone asks if they can have them for their move. Result! Ask friends and family who’ve moved recently, or post on social media asking if anyone has any moving supplies they’re looking to get rid of. It’ll benefit both of you!

    Look for free boxes online

    While some people might want to store their boxes for their next move, plenty of people might not have the time or space to store them sensibly. Check out websites like Freecycle or Craigslist for people looking to get rid of their old moving boxes.


    Plenty of supermarkets, shops and shopping centres will have more cardboard boxes than they know what to do with. Don’t be afraid to go in and ask if they’ve got any they could give you – you might be pleasantly surprised. Just make sure that they’re up to the job – they must be clean, strong and dry. Fruit and vegetable crates, boxes that held printer paper, or book boxes are often good.

    Recycling centres

    Ultimately, anyone wanting to get rid of large amounts of cardboard will take it to a recycling centre. As a result this can be a great place to add to your collection – you might even find some specifically designed for moving house.

    Hire reusable ones

    Some companies offer a box hire service. The advantages of this are that you can get good quality crates (often they’re plastic), it’s better for the environment because you reduce the amount of waste you’re producing, and you don’t have the hassle of trying to store them or get rid of them afterwards. The companies will often organise a time to come around to collect them, making it easier for you. However, this can be a pricier option.

    Buy them

    The most simple way of obtaining your moving boxes is to buy them on our site! Reallymoving’s packing supplies partner can provide you with boxes of varying size, material and purpose as well as furniture covers, tape, packing materials such as bubble wrap, and removal blankets. They have excellent specialist moving items to make everything easier, like wardrobe boxes. These mean you can avoid having to fold and pack all your clothing before transporting it, and have somewhere to hang everything in the first few days if you have to build your wardrobes!

    You can also create an individual moving kit on the site to make sure you buy the right number of boxes for the size of your home. Which means there’ll be no last minute running around to find extra boxes on the day before your move!

    Buying boxes is an especially good option if you know you’ll have the space to store them afterwards, or if you expect to be moving house again before long.

    Do removal companies supply boxes?

    Most removal companies can provide packing materials, although there may be an extra cost. If this is something your removal company offers, they’ll have good knowledge of what’s available and so will be able to tell you what materials and box types are best for you, as well as the approximate number of boxes you'll need for your space.

    Once you’ve sourced your boxes, our packing guide can tell you everything you need to know to make packing easier and more streamlined.

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