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5 items that are lifesavers when packing up your home

  1. 17 October 2018
  2. By Nick Perman

When it comes to preparing for your move, there are 5 things you need to get hold of in good time.

You may think packing isn’t that hard – you just wrap up your items and put them in boxes, right? But there’s an art to packing up your home, and we asked specialists the Moving Home Warehouse for their tips to make moving easy.

They’ve given us their 5 items that are an absolute lifesaver when you’re moving home, and how to make sure you’re choosing good quality materials that won’t let you down.

Moving to a new home can be incredibly exciting, but the difference between moving day being exciting and stressful is careful planning. Try and make a plan for your move as far in advance as possible.

The biggest issue we see with people moving home is underestimating just how long packing is going to take, or how many belongings they have.

The last thing you want is to run out of moving boxes, so start as early as you can and pack methodically.

Removal boxes

An obvious necessity when moving home! The best thing you can do is order your boxes as soon as possible, so that you have plenty of time to order more if you run out.

Order a selection of sizes – it’s tempting to just order big boxes, but you’ll need smaller ones for heavier items. Filling a large box with heavy items will make it impossible to lift and put you at risk of hurting yourself.

Larger boxes are better for lighter, bulky items. Think about the variety of boxes, and how and where you plan to store them when you start packing. Label your boxes clearly so you know what’s inside when you stack them up.

When you create an inventory, use it not only to keep track of your items, but to work out how many of each type of packing box you’ll need – they’ll get filled up quicker than you might think!

It’s tempting to want to reuse old, damaged boxes, or just stuff your items into freebie boxes from supermarkets, but it’s so easy for these to tear or break, damaging your items and possibly injuring whoever is carrying them. Reinforce boxes with heavy items, and use high quality boxes that will keep your items safe, whether they are being put into storage or just moved across town.

Wardrobe boxes

 Wardrobe boxes are an excellent time saver – why take all your clothes out of your wardrobe, fold them, try and store the hangers and then undo it all again later? It’s pointless when you can simply move your items on their hangers into a wardrobe box. Each box is tall and sturdy, with a rail inside.

You can empty (and then fill in your new home) your wardrobe in minutes!

They’re also a great option if you need to rebuild your wardrobes in your new home – you can still easily access your clothes (with no need to find the ironing board) until you’re ready to buy a new wardrobe, or rebuild your old one. It takes the pressure off, as well as saving you time!

Bubble wrap

You can never have enough bubble wrap when it comes to packing up your things for moving to a new house!

It’s perfect for protecting all your fragile items and even wrapping around your pictures. It can also be rather handy for filling any corners in boxes where you have had to pack awkwardly shaped items.

Make sure you order plenty of this as it can be a really handy packing supply and is relatively cheap for the protection it offers. It’s also great for distracting kids or getting them involved in the packing process – if you don’t mind the ‘popping’ sound!

Packing tissue paper

For smaller, more delicate items, especially crockery and glassware, packing tissue paper is another item that is a life saver when moving home. Sometimes bubble wrap is too big or thick, and when you want to stack your crockery together, packing tissue paper is a better option.

People are often surprised by how many small, delicate items they have. Trinkets from abroad, beloved pieces of jewellery or display items – these are all best served by packing tissue paper which can avoid smaller scratches as well as the bigger breakages.

When you pack small, delicate items in smaller boxes, tissue paper can pack out the spaces to avoid movement in the box and avoid damage in transit.

Packing tape

Another one that is easily forgotten! Everyone knows they need tape, but in the hubbub of moving, people will make do with Sellotape or masking tape or anything they can find. These aren’t going to secure your boxes properly or keep your items safe!

You’ll get through tape quite quickly, and be sure to double up to secure boxes with heavy items. You can also write on the tape with a marker pen to make it clear what’s in each box, or what room they’ll need to be moved to.

Choosing the right packing materials

We’ve already said that picking high quality packing materials should be a priority, especially if you’re moving much loved items and want to ensure they’re safe in transit or storage.

The Moving Home Warehouse has a selection of boxes, as well as all the items mentioned above. However, if you’re not sure what you’ll need, they offer excellent moving kits that contain everything you need to get started.

You’ll find that the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll feel confident and prepared for your move!

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