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How much does a survey cost?

A survey can save you money on your home - but how much do they cost, and how do you know you're getting a good deal?

How much does a survey cost?

It’s important to know what you’re getting for your money, and what the average price is. It’s also a good idea to compare services so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal.

So, what is the average surveyor's fee?

The price depends on the type of survey you need, along with the size of the property. The more indepth a report, and the bigger the home, the longer the surveyor will need to spend assessing.

How much does a HomeBuyer Report (Level 2 Survey) cost?

A HomeBuyer Report is appropriate for properties that are under 100 years old, or are generally in good condition. The report uses a traffic light system where problems are pointed out, along with areas that can be improved, and those that have no issues.

A surveyor will spend 1-2 hours approximately assessing the property, and then filling out the report. Most surveyors are happy to talk the report through with a client by telephone if they are concerned or need clarification.

The cost of a HomeBuyer Report (Level 2 Survey) generally costs around £400-£1000, but varies by the size of property, the value of the property, and the age..

How much does a Building Survey (Level 3 Survey) cost?

A Building Survey (Level 3 Survey) is more in-depth and is used for older homes and ones that have had work done, or you intend to do building work to. As such, it is the more expensive and comprehensive option.

The average Building Survey costs around £600-£1,500 but this is dependent on the size of the property, the value of the property and the age.

You’re paying for a detailed report on your property, where the surveyor may have to spend more time looking at different elements. The time a surveyor will spend in the property ranges from about 2-5 hours and they’ll write up a comprehensive report, as well as explaining anything to the client if they’re concerned.

How much is an additional valuation?

A valuation is often included as standard in a HomeBuyer Report, but if you want to add one to your Building Survey, it's usually around £75.

A surveyor valuation is not the same as a mortgage lender’s valuation. You might want to add a valuation to your survey if you’re not sure that the property has been appropriately priced by the seller. An estate agent’s pricing of the property is based on ‘consideration of worth’ whereas a valuation will be able to tell you if it’s appropriate for the market, on top of identifying any issues that might cost you more down the line.

Read more information about property valuations.

Are there any other costs?

Your surveyor may recommend you contact a specialist for certain areas that they think need further investigation. After all, your surveyor is not a structural engineer, plumber or electrician. They may recommend that to be completely comfortable with your property going forward, you ask for an opinion from an expert in those areas.

It is always your choice if you decide to follow up on this advice, and you may feel that it is not necessary. However, if significant problems are uncovered in these areas, the responsibility will fall with you, not the Chartered Surveyor.

What makes a survey more expensive?

A survey might end up being more expensive based on the value and size of the property, as well as the condition. Similarly, if the surveyor has trouble accessing different parts of the property, or the problems they uncover are more complex, this could have an impact on the cost. This is because it might take more time to assess, and to write up the report.

In the simplest terms, if the property is large, it will take a surveyor longer to look around, which will mean you’re paying for more of their time.

How do I get the best price for a survey?

That’s the easy part! You can use our quick quote form to compare prices from local surveyors for HomeBuyer Reports (with or without valuations) and Building Surveys. You’ll get up to 4 quotes from RICS regulated surveyors and you can see their reviews, before choosing the one who is best for you.

You can also check your other moving costs by using our Moving Cost Calculator to see how much you could save.

How much does a survey cost?

Survey           Standard Cost     
Condition Report (Level 1 Survey) £300 - £900
HomeBuyer Report (Level 2 Survey) £400 - £1000
Building Survey (Level 3 Survey) £600 - £1500

A Scottish Home Report is slightly different in that the seller is responsible for buying the survey and making it available to interested potential buyers. This would only be applicable if you were selling a property in Scotland. The average cost of a Scottish Home Report is from about £350-£850, depending on the size of the property.

Updated May 2022

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