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Top tips for your first home move

Moving day can be stressful, especially if it's your first time coordinating it. Check out our tips to get prepared.

Top tips for your first home move

You’ve exchanged contracts on your first home and the time has come to prepare for the completion date: the day you will actually move into your new home. Whether you are moving into your first home alone, or with a partner or housemate, it is a significant milestone. You’re likely to be both excited and nervous; that’s why it is so important to prepare properly, and as far ahead of your moving date as possible.

Finding a removal company

To ensure everything runs smoothly you will want to use a home removals firm you can trust to transport your possessions into your new home as efficiently and as safely as possible. You should shop around for removals firms weeks in advance of your moving date. We can help, with instant house removals quotes providing a great selection of competitive and reliable firms within your local area. If you’re moving overseas we can also cater to your needs with bespoke international removals estimates tailored to your moving requirements.  

Packing Tips

Whether your belongings are currently located in a rented property, at your parents’ home or in storage elsewhere, it is important to use a practical and memorable packing system. Wherever possible, label or colour code your boxes to avoid confusing the removals men who need to locate the correct room for each box. If you want to avoid the stress of doing the packing yourself, most removal firms offer this as an additional service. Know that certain rooms, like the kitchen, will sometimes take longer, and try to keep hold of anything you might need until the last minute.

The first few days in your new home are likely to be eventful. Ensure that you pack and label boxes with essentials that can be unpacked quickly, helping you acclimatise to your new surroundings without the need to go rushing to the shops for supplies. Check out our Moving Day Survival Kit to make sure you have everything you need to hand.

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Change of address notification

Whilst planning the transportation of your items into your new home, you should also stay on top of any necessary paperwork and notifications you must make before moving home. If you currently live with your parents then this probably won’t be such a big issue. However, if you live in rented accommodation you should notify utility providers of your departure well in advance of any moving date, providing meter readings where required. You should also contact providers for water, gas and electricity connections for your new home.  

Banks, insurance providers and any other financial institutions should also be notified of your new address. Setting up a redirection service with the Royal Mail for three or six months is useful, particularly if you are moving out of rented accommodation. Alternatively, prepare some printed labels with your new name and address, which you can leave behind to be stuck onto mail for forwarding. Take a look at our change of address checklist to find out who you might need to contact. 

Moving day

On the day of your move, ensure that your home removals firm have clear directions on how to reach your new home. There will also need to be someone present at the property waiting with keys to enable the removals team to unload their vans and get to work. Check your route in advance and try to pick times that aren't during rush hour or the school pick up. We've also got some tips to making sure your day runs smoothly.

Fed and Watered

Try to keep back items you want to use immediately. We'd suggest some bottled drinks, cups, spoons, tea and coffee and your kettle. You might also want to have some biscuits or ready made sandwiches. Offer your removals team refreshments and you'll be popular - plus, all that moving is hard work! You'll need regular breaks as you figure out where everything goes.

Moving into your first home should be an enjoyable experience. Let us take some of the strain by making the most of our moving checklist with a detailed schedule of tasks you should carry out prior to your first home move.

Updated October 2017


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