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After Your Move

Once you’ve moved into your house, there are still some things to sort out before it can become a home. From utilities, to locks, to insurance.

How Often Should You Switch Energy Suppliers?

What is the ideal time frame to stay with your energy provider for, and when should be looking for a new deal?

After Your Move

How to Choose Utility Providers for Your New Home

Choosing what utility providers to use once you’ve bought a home can come down to more than just money.

After Your Move

What to Check When You Move into Your New Home

Moving day is always a busy day, but don’t forget to thoroughly inspect your new house before you unpack those boxes.

After Your Move

Do I Need a Will After Buying a House?

Once you’ve bought a new house, it may be time to consider planning some more for your future. Owning property means you should probably think about writing or updating your will.

Buying a house, First Time Buyer, After Your Move

Feel Safe in Your New Home

How do you overcome those first night nerves in your new property? Make sure your new home is as safe and secure as possible.

After Your Move