Help and Advice on Moving house

Read our wide range of articles on moving house, updating your rented homes and dealing with estate agent.

Finding a house

Finding the home of your dreams is always an exciting time. To help you through the house hunting process, read our extensive range of useful guides and top tips to find the right home for you and your family.

10 Property Websites and Apps That Make Moving Easier

There are a wealth of online resources available to help with the various stages of the home buying process.

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Moving Home Before Christmas

When the countdown is on for Christmas and you're hoping for a quick move, you may worry about the busy festive season holding you up.

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Should You Buy a House or a Flat?

When deciding whether to buy a flat or a house, there are lots of things to consider, and the pros and cons may not be as obvious as you think.

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Should I Buy My Neighbour’s House?

If you are considering buying a second home, and your neighbours are selling, is it worth buying their home?

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The Benefits of Moving to the Countryside

With a recent increase in young people moving from London into the country, we look at the benefits moving to the countryside can have for you.

Finding a house

6 Things to Consider When Browsing Flats Online

If you’re thinking of moving in the new year, there’s a whole bunch of information to be gleaned from online portals. You barely even need to visit the property! Here are our top tips for translating property listings.

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Top Property Hotspots in Birmingham: Buyer’s Guide

With so much choice in this historical city, how do you know where to look?

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Manchester Property Guide: Best Areas to Invest

Manchester is increasing in popularity for homebuyers, but where is the best place to buy?

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